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Servalan told us it was an old ship.
It's what she didn't tell us that interests me.
- There's something moving down there.
- Where?
By the main lock.
It's just a link.
It's going in.
Cover your eyes.
- So much for what Servalan didn't tell us.
- It's quite a booby trap.
Half a booby trap to be exact. Come on, let's go.
Half a booby trap?
I don't imagine she would mine the ship
and leave the living quarters intact.
- We've got to warn the others.
- Take it slowly, Dayna.
It's going to be no help to them
if we walk into something hungry on the way back.
I don't intend to walk into anything.
- Don't be stupid.
- Get out of my way, Avon.
I'll see you at the base.
I doubt it.
(Creature screeching)
- Thanks.
- Are you ready to take it slowly now?
Don't you ever get bored with being right?
Just with the rest of you being wrong.
Try and keep a sharp lookout.
We can't afford to waste any more ammunition.
If you're right about the base...
If I'm right about the base,
the charges will already have been triggered.
What do you mean?
Ultrasonic fuses keyed to pick up
the explosion from that ship.
- That's how I would have done it.
- Well, then they're already dead.
Well, that's what we're going to find out.
Come on, you great oaf.
This is no time to take a nap.
If I've broken my back hauling a corpse about,
I'll never forgive you, Tarrant.
(Voice echoing) Cally.
- CALLY: (Voice echoing) Vila.
- Cally.
Hang on, Cally. I'm coming.
CALLY: Blake!
- Slave.
- Yes, Master?
- How long before we make planet fall?
- One hour, Master.
That is Earth standard time, of course.
I hope that is satisfactory.
There's still no sign of the Liberator on our screen.
I fear not, Master.
I'm getting a heavy radiation shadow.
Focus looks to be 001 to our present heading.
Check it.
At once, Master.
It appears to be the residual
of an explosion, Master.
Analysis of the radiation pattern
suggests it could have happened
near the planet of our destination.
And it generated a lot more power than the death
of any normal ship would have done.
- You are correct as always, Master.
- Do you think it was the Liberator?
Thought is beyond my humble capacities, Master.
Vila rescued me?
You were injured trying to rescue Cally.
He rescued you.
- Suddenly I am hip deep in heroes.
- Where is Cally?
- Cally is dead.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
- He went back in.
He wanted to be a hero, too.
We needed Orac.
We still do.
Orac got a bit dented. For which he blames me.
It seems I rescued the wrong one.
AVON: At first light,
we'll make for the high ground to the south.
Where's Tarrant?
- He was right behind us.
- I'll go back.
- Stay here.
- You wouldn't like to leave the gun?
That's right, I wouldn't.
- I'll come with you then, shall I?
- Stay here.
You were supposed to be
keeping an eye on Tarrant.
I saved his life once.
Am I supposed to make a career of it?
- Where are you going?
- I want to see what's up ahead.
- Avon said to stay here.
- So stay here.
(Creature screeching)
- Vila! Help me quickly.
- Where are you?
- Over here.
- Coming.
(Vila screaming)
That's a big help, Vila.
(Creature screeching)
- Help. Help!
- Stop it, Vila.
- You'll have us both down there.
- Help!
Help! Help! Help!
This is all your fault, Dayna. Help.
Help! Well, don't just hang there, do something.
Well, I'm open to suggestions.
- That's what I like to hear.
- VILA: Get us out of here!
Hurry up. Please.
Relax. Your problems are over.
Pass out again and I'll leave you, Tarrant.
- I'm surprised you came back this time.
- We stand a better chance as a group.
What, while something's eating me,
you can get away?
Or vice versa.
I'll drink to that.
(Gun firing)
- You all right?
- How many more of you are there?
- Just one.
- Stand still. Drop the gun.
Now move away from it. Slowly.

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