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All right, Coop.
A hundred and five degrees.
- What do you say?
- 105? I can go more.
- 108.
- I'm feeling it.
OK, the suspense is killing me.
- All right, 110.
- 110?
- 110.
- A hundred and ten toasty ones.
Right. Ready to go out
and greet the heat?
The warm wind in my hair?
- Are you ready?
- I'm ready.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
Thirty-one. Thirty-one degrees.
- Thirty-one below.
- Thirty-one below! New record!
- Thirty-one below!
- New record!
New record! Oh, it's cold!
I hate to do this, but...
Rise and shine, kids.
No more sleeping in.
All right.
If "rise and shine" won't work...
Is anybody hungry this morning?
Attaboy, Max.
What do you say?
Ready for exercise before breakfast?
How you doing?
How does right field look?
I think it looks pretty good.
What do you say, Max? Here we go.
Go get it!
Hey, Maya.
How's my best girl doing?
How you doing?
You keeping everybody in line?
Left field. Go get it.
Left field, Maya. Here we go.
Go get it!
Attaboy, Max. Come here, buddy.
Settle down.
There's plenty to go around, guys.
Here you go, Shorty.
Good boy, Shadow.
Dewey. Truman.
There you go, Old jack.
That's my best girl.
Here, I'll trade you.
There you go, Maya.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Didn't think I'd see you this year.
- Guess you got lucky.
- I guess so.
- Crazy Katie!
- Did you get your pilot's license yet?
- Oh, Coop, I missed you.
- Got that?
- Yeah.
Hey, hey, careful with that.
That equipment's made it 10,000 miles.
I'd hate that to change in six feet.
Sorry about that.
Hi. I'm Dr Davis McClaren.
Earth and Space Sciences UCLA.
Jerry Shepard, expedition guide.
Welcome to the bottom of the world.
- Nice to meet you.
- Same here.
Go any further south,
you'll fall off the planet.
Well, that'd be unfortunate.
Charlie Cooper, cartographer,
mechanical engineer, runway paver.
- Nice to meet you.
- Dr McClaren! Welcome to the ice.
Andy Harrison, NSF science director.
An honour to meet you.
- Dr Rosemary Paris, field coordinator.
- Nice to meet you.
You've met our team?
Yeah, Mr Cooper was just taking
good care of all my things.
Cooper? First time
for everything, I suppose.
- Let's get you inside.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
OK. Lady luck, in my corner.
- What are we playing?
- She is pretty.
- Quarter in.
- Quarter.
- You're going down.
- You're going down.
Crazy Katie, you're going down.
- Hey, doc, you want in?
- No, thanks.
I gave up gambling a long time ago.
Hey, you flew in with Katie, didn't you?
Remind me how you're getting home.
Say, Old jack, you in or out, buddy?
- Translation?
- That'd be out.
So, Coop, how's the new girlfriend?
How's my new girl?
I don't know.
- How about hot?
- Wow.
She's a scientist too.
At the Italian base.
- Pretty and smart.
- Smarts.
Notice something missing
in that picture?
OK, OK. I think...
I know you mean me.
You're talk... Picture's coming.
She's sending one of the two of us.
Patience, jer.
- How many?
- Two.
Doc, looking forward
to your first trip to Dry Valleys?
It's a pretty cool spot
this time of year.
Actually, Dr McClaren
needs to get to Mt Melbourne
to search for his meteorite.
Nobody said anything about Melbourne.
Yeah. Meteorite hunting
is a pretty small world
and I didn't want anybody
to know where I was going,
cos I'm looking
for something special at Melbourne
and the NSF let us
keep it off the paperwork.
Is there a problem?
Look, doc, let me show you something.
I'll show you on the map.
- This is where we are, right? OK.
- Yeah.
Here's Dry Valleys.
All the way over here, Mt Melbourne.
Twice as far and the opposite direction.
I've been over our route twice
in the last week,
but I haven't been to Mt Melbourne
since the beginning of the season.
That may be so. But
Dr McClaren has travelled a long way.
- If we can accommodate him, we should.
- It's the end of january.
The ice is thin and snowmobiles


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