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CTB Film Company
Alexei Chadov
Ian Kelly
Ingeborga Dapkunaite
Sergei Bodrov
Evklid Kurdzidis
Giorgi Gurgulia
I'm Yermakov, Ivan.
And he was John.
So we're kind of namesakes.
We met in the summer of 2001.
For two months I'd been locked up
in the village of Verkhny Iskhoi
by Aslan Gugaev.
Back then, none of our
lot had heard of him.
His detachment wasn't that big.
There were three of us there.
Me, Fedka and a Jew - a commercial.
A businessman from Vladikavkaz.
Called Semyon, I think...
Me and Fedka were sawing up wood
when they brought them in on a truck.
There were another
two of our guys with them...
Vladimir Gostyukhin
Yuri Stepanov
You killed my brother!
Yes, I killed your brother!
And a whole lot more!
I whipped your sorry black arses and
I'll keep whipping them
because you're enemies...
Did they pay you well?
Don't kill me! Please!
I just arrived.
I'm not guilty! Please!
My mum's all alone...
Look down!
- What's he want?
- Something in English.
Take the bucket - it stinks!
- Who was shooting?
- They killed two of ours.
Give me your hand.
Shit happens...
Take the jug.
It'll be us next!
I didn't like her at first -
full of herself. Wouldn't even look at you.
I didn't understand
that she was just embarrassed.
We all crapped in the same bucket.
And I thought ginger
was a right weed.
In the hole, it's
every man for himself -
you're always hungry
and they beat you the whole time.
He wasn't too bad, though.
He looked after her.
A "gentleman".
And from the start with me...
because of my English, no doubt.
Back in Tobolsk I finished
computer school
and in Chechnya I'd get the news
by Internet for Aslan.
...and a whole lot more besides.
I whipped your sorry black arses and
I'll keep whipping them
because you're enemies...
Did they pay you well?
Don't kill me! Please!
I just arrived, I'm not guilty! Please!
My mum's all...
I'm worn out. Can't get any relaxation.
There's a war on...
When will it end?
When all the Russians
will live in the North.
You're white.
You've got the White Sea.
We're black.
We've got the Black Sea.
Why did you kill the lads?
It took me three years
to find that Lieutenant.
I paid thirty grand to get him.
He shot my brother.
I found him in Rostov.
He killed a lot more
good Muslims besides...
And the youngster?
Who needs someone like that?
He goes off to get some vodka.
There's a war on,
and he leaves his post.
Is that any way to carry on, Ivan?
You're either a shepherd or a sheep.
Those who let themselves be skewered -
they're the sheep.
There are people amongst you.
I saw one in jail near Virkhayansk.
A hardcore convict, strong,
like a Chechen.
If people like him led Russia,
you could win this war.
But you've got too few of them.
You're stupid and weak.
And you're led by half-wits.
You've given back
the Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
You've just given away
half the country for free.
Soon the Chinese
will take the Far East.
You're fighting us
while in Moscow I've got a hotel,
three restaurants, four brigades
in Petersburg, Moscow and Samara.
I milk the Russians like cows
but we still get money
out of the state budget.
Do you know...
why you fight badly?
You don't know?
Because you're not fighting
for your Homeland!
You fight because you've been herded
out here like a sheep.
I know my ancestors going
back seven generations.
I'm a descendant
of the Murid, Hadji Kazi.
A hundred and fifty years ago
he was already cutting you lot up.
This is my land
and I'll clear it of unbelieving dogs
until there's not a Russian
from here to Volgograd.
Got it?
So, what are they writing
about us on the Internet?
The satellite's gone,
we'll catch another.
Aslan, tell your men
not to beat me round the head.
This is the Internet,
you've got to use your brains
and there's a lot in English.
And the foreigners asked if they
could have a wash.
Come here.
I'll pay! I'll

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