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Comrade Lieutenant!
Comrade Lieutenant!
The common soldier of the 139th guards
regiment of the 2nd degree Kutuzov
and of the 1st degree the Great Patriotic War Order,
and of the guards mortar batallion...
Make it quick, Kolishkin!
You are at the front just now.
Yes, here I am, at last
I have got, comrade...
You have got! You have
arrived after the recovery.
You might not have arrived, you might have gone
to the other unit. I would not have objected.
I did my best to get to my own people.
You did your best!
Why do you look like this?
This is because of the machine-gun, comrade the
Lieutenant! Here I have pulled out the bullet.
Attention! About face!
You don't say so! I knew I would meet you!
Well, how are you doing here?
A wonderful time! We'll be soon at the front line.
We'll teach the Germans the lesson.
Slyboots, you are a slyboots!
You have learned to speak German!
In a hospital I found a sheet,
I learned because of the boredom.
-They taught us at the school, too, but in vain, you know...
-Aha! Exactly, exactly.
-It's all Greek to me.
-Well, come on...
Hey, Lyosha! I've forgotten! My mom has sent
cigarettes to me but I can't use them - you know...
-Well, thanks, thanks.
-Lyosha, Lyosha! Okay, take more...
Well, come on...
-Lyosha, just one question.
-Come on!
Who is that woman?
But you go now, or else Romadin
will scold you. Go.
Lyosha, and what are you doing
right here right now? Ah?
Go, the "Junkers" are
hunting for us here...
-They have nearly cought us. Yes.
Lyosha, are you going to her?
Is that so?
-I see.
Ah, that one? She is my kinswoman.
They sent her as a signaller.
Lyosha, but look here, you
had a kinswoman in '43, too.
In college, in Moscow I have a sister.
A cousin, do you understand?
I do. Send my regards to your cousin.
Comrade Lieutenant!
They are waiting for you there.
-I don't know.
Have you forgotten, that they
don't salute under arms? Have you?
Do you miss the guardroom? I'll organize that.
I'm guilty, comrade Lieutenant...
Guilty people must be
punished, Kolishkin.
I'm fed-up with your excesses!
You are wrong if you think that
I will put up with this on front line!
Comrade Lieutenant...
The extra guardroom is an
excellent remedy for insomnia.
My friends are already asleep, creaking with fresh
bed-sheets in the bedchambers of the castle.
Hum, that's so pretty.
Oh, I assure you that it's true!
There are some peculiar charms, complete liberty
without conventions in this special gentleman's society.
Pas des conventions, la liberte complete.
The curtain in the window was barely waving,
the horses were rustling in the grass,
everything betokened a wonderful morning,
full of splendid duels and victories.
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you say?
Why are you staring?
Oh, okay.
I beg your pardon, madam.
What are you fumbling for?
No more water. The water is over.
Go to the signallers,
they have a full tank of it.
Masha, is the kettle ready?
We had one woman at lumber
mill - her name was Kapitolina.
When somebody like him bothered
her - she gave him a slap in the face.
When he did the same again- she hit
him with the stool. It was her manner to flirt.
-Perhaps, that's enough, Zakhar?
-Why is that enough, why is that enough?
You do listen when they talk to you.
Wait a little, Kolishkin.
Woman is also a human being inwardly
and she also demands respect.
If you treat her to our mind, easily,
she will go with you wherever you want.
But you would like to touch her now, yes?
Look here, Zakhar, you are a whole-hearted
and harmonious person, but I am not... Alas!
Who is a whole-hearted person?
If you were at lumber mill, I would see
who would be a whole-hearted person.
Yes, comrade Major! All ranks - retreat!
Comrade Lieutenant!
-Now, stop here!
Stop this.
Zhenya, come here for a moment.
Why haven't


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