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EnglishHow you doing? You okay?
Hi. Im Francis.
Hey! That's it! That...
Stop! Hold it! Just stay over there!
Hold it! Stop!
Up yours, you two-bit son of a bitch, you!
Eat cantaloupe,
you bellyaching rhinoceros!
Frank, what the hell's up?
Im out here now, it's five hours.
I don't know what he said.
You talk to him.
Wait a minute. Ill get him on the wire.
Hold on there.
George. What the hell happened?
I talked to him.
I got Frank on the wire here.
You wanna talk to him?
All right, go ahead. Talk.
Okay, boys, this is where we turn.
- You heading east, buddy?
- Sorry, buddy.
Can l have two coffees?
- Wanna go into business?
- Okay. Where?
- Pittsburgh.
- Okay.
I gotta make a stop in Detroit first.
Yeah, well, l gotta go by Denver,
see my sister Coley.
Listen, you got a middle name?
- Why?
- Well, l...
l got a little trouble with Francis,
you know. I...
- Lionel.
- Lionel.
Francis Lionel Delbucci.
Okay, Lionel.
- From now on, you are "Lion," okay?
- Okay. Sounds good.
Im gonna help you out here, young lady.
We really want to get our coffee.
Freezing our ass off.
Ill have some oatmeal.
What do you want?
Some corn flakes with a little milk.
- Oatmeal?
- Yeah, oatmeal.
And some scrambled eggs.
Anything else?
Let me get that cream.
- You got any money?
- Yeah. Some. Not much.
That's okay,
because l got enough to get us started.
What kind of business?
Car wash.
- Car wash.
- Yeah.
It's nothing fancy, but everything is there,
and the best, too.
And l got the money to get us rolling.
It'll be "Maxy's Car Wash."
Car wash. Okay.
For every car, there is dirt.
- So we're partners. I think l get this.
- All right.
This your first day?
- Yeah. Partners.
- Great.
But you gotta work, though.
- Ain't afraid of that.
- All right.
- Fair and square, all right?
- Sure.
- What, you been drifting?
- Yeah. Ive been at sea.
- Yeah?
- Five years.
No, l...
- Ive been in the joint.
- Joint?
I was in Quentin.
- How long?
- Six years.
That's a long time.
Why Detroit?
Ill show you something.
Open that up.
- It's a lamp.
- That's right.
Guy's carrying around a lamp in a box.
- For my kid.
- Yeah?
- You got a kid?
- Yeah, in Detroit.
Ive never seen it, so l don't know
if it's a boy or a girl.
That's why l got a lamp.
I figure a lamp would do fine either way,
you know what l mean?
- You never seen the kid, though?
- No.
But l send a lot of money to it.
- All the money l ever earned, l sent.
- Yeah?
Wasn't much, but l knew it helped.
- You got kids?
- No.
Listen, you can make a lot of money
in the car wash business.
Yeah. And you'll do better
than you ever have.
I got it all down to the percent.
I know every penny, inside and out.
It's a foolproof enterprise.
Absolutely foolproof.
All right. Let's get started.
Hey, fella, you got nothing better to do...
than listen in
on other people's conversations?
I gotta tell you something about me.
Im like the meanest son of a bitch alive.
You know what l mean?
I don't trust anybody. I don't love anybody.
And l can tear the ass
out of a goddamn elephant, too.
- We're gonna be partners, okay?
- Okay.
All right. Come on.
- Right?
- Right.
All right. But...
- you gotta be straight with me, right?
- Sure.
I mean fair and square.
We'll have a real good car wash business.
- Okay?
- Right.
Otherwise, Ill break your back.
Sounds fair.
Like this.
- Don't bust my lamp, that's all.
- Yeah.
Can l have a bottle of beer
and a chocolate doughnut?
Do you think there's anything
we can do around here?
- Like, for a job?
- Yeah.
And stay out! Ill kick your ass!
- Son of a bitch, you... Come on out here!
- Get out of here, you bums!
- Go on!
- Get out of here!
Get going!
Hit the pavement!
- Get out of here!
- Come on!
- You're crazy! Get out of here!
- Fuck you!
Man, l didn't start it. I didn't.
- I did, right, Max?
- Yeah.
That bastard.

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