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Кавказский пленник

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Caravan and BG Productions
with the Russian State Film Committee
Boris Giller presents
Oleg Menshikov
Sergei Bodrov Jr.
Dzhemal Sikharulidze
Susanna Mekhraliyeva
Aleksandr Bureyev, Valentina Fedotova
and Aleksei Zharkov
in a film by Sergei Bodrov
B, I, M...
Cover your right eye.
Fit to serve.
- Can I go?
- Sure, there's no use sitting here.
Comrade Major, where will we be stationed?
Wherever your country sends you.
Hands up. Down.
Rotate. Good.
Do a sit-up.
- Does it hurt?
- No.
- Stand still.
- It tickles.
Wake up, guys!
Here is your grenade!
- Commander, I'm back!
- At last.
I've been waiting.
To your health!
Why are they shouting?
Non-Russians, halt!
Halt, I said!
We have been ambushed! Action!
Get down!
Hurry up, run!
Damn it!
Alex got hit!
you wanted one Russian and got two.
Finish one off.
And if the first croaks?
Story Idea by Boris Giller
Screenplay by Arif Aliyev,
Sergei Bodrov, and Boris Giller
Director of Photography - Pavel Lebeshev
Art Director - Valeri Kostrin
Music - Leonid Desyatnikov
Sound - Yekaterina Popova-Evans
Edited by Olga Grinshpun,
Vera Kruglova, and Alan Baril
Production Management
Dmitrii Gavrishchenko and Valerii Tarmosin
Executive Producer - Boris Giller
Produced by Boris Giller and Sergei Bodrov
Directed by Sergei Bodrov
Hasan, be careful.
They are already half dead!
Dina, bring some water!
Did any of our men make it?
Did you shoot?
Did not get a chance.
What is your name, again?
Private Gilin.
You are a rotten soldier, Private Gilin.
You want to puke?
Not really.
Lucky devil.
I got a...
See what is going on out there.
Hasan, check the prisoners.
Go fuck yourself.
Praise Allah! They are alive.
Bring the shackles.
You'll pay for this.
Dina, bring some water.
They have pigs' blood.
Dirty bastards.
- Comrade Sergeant?
- Keep pouring.
Can you help me now?
Can I ask you something?
Shut up.
Father, are you hungry?
I will fix something.
Sure, we could sit in silence.
When I'm sitting and thinking...
don't fucking bug me!
I forgot. What is your name?
Being on a chain with me, Vanya,
will be fucking tough on you.
We're the children of the mountains
We have been here for years
The wind
frightens the heart
of any stranger here
Nobody understands us
The mountains will protect us
The wind frightens the heart
of any stranger here
"Dear Mom, this is my first letter.
"We have sea on one side
and mountains on the other.
"Everything is okay with me.
"Do not worry.
"Your loving son, Ivan. "
Such a short letter.
Got a cigarette?
I get it.
If you are waiting for the john...
tough luck.
It'll take a while.
How was it?
Why did he bring these Russians
to the village?
I want to talk to him.
You know how he is...
always hardheaded.
Hey, old bandits!
What's up?
What did you shoot them with?
- Who?
- Our men.
With every kind of weapon.
Keep those Russians away from the village!
What are they going to do?
Kill us?
I don't think so.
These chains cost money, stupid.
They'll sell us.
Give us some bread, please!
We're starving.
How much did you pay for the soldiers?
Nothing. Osman was sure they would die.
Don't keep the Russians here.
Everybody wants you to kill them.
I had no choice.
My son is in prison in town.
I brought money to buy my son back...
but the Commander was afraid to take it.
I'll trade these Russians...
for my son...
in two days.
Don't let them...
pull a fast one on you.
It's better...
if you kill them.
If they try to trick me, I'll suck their blood.
I don't understand.
Who will want to buy us?
You? Nobody will.
The Commander will pay for me, though.
It's my third war with him.
But who needs you?
I can learn how to kill, too.
It's too late.
To tell you the truth, they can't afford it.
Our army is too poor...
Кавказский пленник

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