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First, there was
the collapse of civilisation:
anarchy, genocide, starvation.
Then, when it seemed
things couldn't get any worse,
we got the plague...
the living death,
quickly closing its fist
over the entire planet.
And then we heard the rumours,
that the last scientists
were working on a cure
that would end the plague
and restore the world.
Restore it? Why?
I like the death.
I like the misery!
I like this world!
Come on, Pearl! it's clear.
I think we lost Fender and his pirates.
We've got a chance to reach
the Prox township and hire a slinger.
Get... Get going, Pearl.
I'll try to hold them here.
Find a slinger to help you, Pearl.
Get her.
- Let her go!
- To Atlanta?
To cure the plague
with the information she has.
I wanna own it.
Own the cure?
I'd be a god!
- But the misery could be stopped.
- I like the misery.
- The world could be changed.
- I like this world.
Go to hell!
Been there.
Who are you?
Why did you help me?
I thought it was somebody else.
I can trust you.
For what?
To get me back to Atlanta.
There's a group of doctors there,
the last ones.
They've been working
on a cure for the plague.
They need information I have.
I swear it's the truth.
I'm a cyborg.
They created me to retrieve data from
the computer system here in the city.
That slinger can't help you now.
I'll take you to Atlanta
and you'll give me the cure.
And if you don't
I'll give you the horror show.
Get me back to Atlanta.
There's a group of doctors there,
the last ones.
They've been working on a cure for
the plague. They need information I have.
You think we're gonna swim
all the way to Atlanta?
I... can't... swim,
asshole! I hate the water!
Hey, I caught a nice fish here!
Hoist anchor, mates!
We got us a skin-job to take to Atlanta!
Say your final goodbyes to your daddy
and let's be on our way.
I'm losing money. Let's go.
I don't know if I really trust you.
I don't know if there's really
any difference between slingers
and the pirates that killed my pa.
But I guess I ain't got no choice.
You're the only guy that answered
the posting for the pay.
Just get us out of this city.
It's what I do.
Get people out of the city.
Let's go.
You're good with them.
I like them.
- It's beautiful.
- We'll be safe here.
Are you looking for that woman?
I heard the pirates say
she has a cure for the plague.
They're taking her to Atlanta.
The pirates wanted a boat.
All this for a stupid boat.
Why are you still alive?
I hid when they came.
I saw them setting off
down the waterway to Charleston.
I was just getting ready to take off
when you showed up.
I figured you for one of the pirates.
I'm gone.
So, are you going after
that woman with the cure?
To save her from the pirates?
I'd like to help.
My family died from the plague.
So did most everybody else I've known.
So as soon as I heard the pirates
talk about this woman,
I knew I had to do something to help.
Keep moving.
You don't want my help?
- No.
- Think you can rescue her by yourself?
It's not my business.
You're not gonna try to save this woman?
You don't care?
Well, what do you care about?
There's a cure for the plague
and you don't give a shit?
What kind of jerk are you?
- Why don't you rescue her?
- Maybe I will.
You know, the short cut
to Charleston's a free road.
You can't stop me from travelling.
Good luck!
Not too much.
So do you think we'll find Fender?
We'll get him.
Tell me something.
I tried to kill you.
So why did you stay with me
while I was knocked out?
Sort of goes against your hard-ass style.
It's because I felt sorry for you.
The man has a heart.
Fender's making his way down
the inter-coastal waterway to Charleston.
He stopped for wood
at Hatteras yesterday.
Torched a settlement there.
I'll catch up with him.
Where the ocean meets
the road to Atlanta.
Folks generally make it a point
to stay out of Fender's

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