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Black Hare
What, what?
Oh, well...
It can't be!
Stolen? Using it?
What a nightmare!
What has hare to do with it?
A moment! One at a time!
Repeat! What?
I don't hear anything.
Well, what is it?
Something is stolen from somebody, someone has been walled in, some kind of black hare...
We live here peacefully, don't do anything, don't know anything, but around!...
What is around?
Something has been stolen from somebody! Black hare!
And you carelessly swim after this?
You're always exaggerating.
No, she's right. I cannot swim carelessly anymore.
We have to run immediately!
We must prepare expedition at once.
And how we will be going?
We will be going...on me.
Who, in particular, are we going to save?
Really, where are we going to?
Hare. Black hare!
He is so easy to spot. Understand?
Hare is black, snow is white.
Yes, it can't be any worse.
Faster! Towards black hare!
Something has happened somewhere.
Somebody has done something to someone.
It's unknown when and where,
but we must go there.
Land! I see the land!
But I see the hare.
Look! Hare.
Black hare.
All in all black.
How are you, hare?
You're being offended? You're being hunted?
Why should one prey on me?...I'm spread out before everybody!
I'd love to get on black snow...
Pack up immediately.
All the things?
But there are no black snow.
I saw it in dream...
We are going right away!
Well, if it's destiny then it's destiny.
In you are black hare then...
and you can't take your pelt off as a coat.
What a strange life. Run, hide, conceal yourself.
Nibble carrot at night, but during say sit and be quiet.
It's you and somehow not you, rather part of nightly darkness.
I am hare ?????????????
First representative of black animal world.
I'm going no further. There is no life.
But some are living there.
We are not living, we are adapting ourselves.
There's no air to breathe.
Life made me this way. Everything is black here: grass, trees...
And snow?
And snow.
No, we won't allow our hare to live in such conditions!
But I want there! Yet I can't...
One has to adapt.
Get out of here! Faster!
What now? He can't live on white snow. (He can't.)
He's being preyed upon. (Preyed upon.)
On black snow - he cannot as well. (Can not.)
No air to breathe. (No air.)
I know what to do.
I don't believe it.
There's one big island without predatory animals. Almost.
Where to? Put it back in place! I have to nest it yet.
It's nothing. It is warm today. Let it have some fresh air.
I will show you fresh air!
Good day.
Our pleasure. Be my guest.
Hello and greetings.
[They're] not afraid.
Good day.
Oh, how white!
Allow me to introduce myself ???? albinos
My pleasure. Excuse me, is albinos patronym or surname?
That's a nickname. Your hare here is ????
Mela what? We won't allow to offend our hare!
Oh! It's everywhere the same.
Wait, don't feel offended. That's the way we were born.
He has much melanine - black colour.
I don't have it at all.
He will share!
I won't! That's final. Have other shared much with me?
Don't get cross. Melanine is such thing. Sometimes you have too much of it,
sometimes you don't have it at all.
I get it. But where should we put our hare?
Let him remain here. He won't be a bother.
Oh, how good!
It's so pleasant to do good deeds!
We will do the always from now on.
We are KOAPP now. - What?
Comission for especially active helping the nature.KOAPP
What Did Jellyfish Hear
Hey, Jellyfish...
Hey Jellyfish, Jellyfish!
She's deaf.
Me? I have the sharpest hearing.
Then listen in to if there's a storm somewhere.
You wish! Ear is a delicate instrument. I don't waste it on small matters.
Why hide it - there's only one like me.
You would spend time in useless quarrels.
Search from the top to the bottom -
you'll find no other ear like mine.
Oh, these waves of sound...I hear everything from different


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