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SkyFuryIt's the sense of touch.
Any real city, you walk, you know?
You brush past people.
People bump into you.
In L.A., nobody touches you.
We're always behind
this metal and glass.
I think we miss
that touch so much
that we crash into each other
just so we can feel something.
You guys okay?
I think he hit his head.
You don't think that's true?
Stay in your car.
Graham, I think
we got rear-ended.
I think we spun around twice.
And somewhere in there,
one of us lost our frame of reference.
And I'm gonna go look for it.
- Calm down, ma'am.
- I am calm!
I need to see your registration
and insurance.
Why? It's not my fault!
It's her fault! She do this!
My fault?
Ma'am, you really need
to wait in your vehicle.
My fault?
Stop in middle of street!
Mexicans no know how to drive.
She "blake" too fast.
I "blake" too fast? I "blake" too fast.
- I'm sorry you no see my "blake" lights.
- Ma'am.
See, I stop when I see a long line of cars
stopped in front of me.
Maybe you see over
steering wheel, you "blake" too!
I call immigration on you.
Look what you do my car.
Officer, can you please write in your report how
shocked I am to be hit by an Asian driver!
- Ma'am!
- Ma'am, no. See, Detective...
All right. You've got to calm down.
Hey, Detective! Nice entrance.
Fuck you.
Hey, you okay?
I'm freezin'.
Shit. I heard it might snow.
- Get outta here.
- That's what I heard.
- You got a smoke?
- Nah. I quit.
Yeah, me too.
- What do you got?
- Dead kid.
Hey, Bob.
You get one free box of ammunition.
What kind do you want?
Yo, Osama! Plan a jihad
on your own time.
What do you want?
Are you making insult at me?
Am I making insult "at" you?
Is that the closest you can come to English?
- Yes, I speak English! I am American citizen.
- Oh, God, here we go.
I have right like you.
I have right to buy gun.
Not in my store, you don't!
Andy, get him outta here now!
- Go wait in the car.
- Now. Get out!
You're an ignorant man!
Yeah, I'm ignorant?
You're liberating my country.
And I'm flying 747 s into your mud huts
and incinerating your friends?
- Get the fuck out!
- No, you get the fuck out!
No, don't touch me!
He cheat me!
- Andy, now!
- Let's go.
You can give me the gun
or give me back the money.
And I am really hoping
for the money.
- What kind of ammunition do you want?
- Whatever fits.
We got a lot of kinds.
We got long colts,
short colts, bull heads,
flat nose, hollow points,
wide cutters,
and a dozen more that'll fit
any size hole.
Just depends upon how
much bang you can handle.
I'll take the ones
in the red box.
- You know what those are?
- Can I have them?
Did you see any white people waitin' an hour
and 32 minutes for a plate of spaghetti?
And how many cups of coffee
did we get?
You don't drink coffee
and I didn't want any.
Man, that woman poured cup after cup
to every single white person around us.
But did she even ask you
if you wanted any?
We didn't get any coffee that you didn't want
and I didn't order,
and that's evidence
of racial discrimination?
Did you notice
that our waitress was black?
And black women don't think
in stereotypes?
You tell me.
When was the last time you met one
who didn't think she knew
everything about your lazy ass
before you even opened
your mouth, huh?
That waitress sized us up
in two seconds.
We're black, and black people don't tip.
She wasn't gonna waste her time.
Somebody like that? Nothing you can do
to change their mind.
How much did you leave?
You expect me to pay
for that kind of service?
What? What the fuck
is you laughin' at, man?
I'm seriously starting to think
that you're jealous of Karen.
Hardly. I'd just like to see you get through
a meal without calling her or anyone else.
Okay, no more phone calls.
As a matter of fact, you can hold the battery.
Ten bucks says
she calls you in the car.
Wait, wait, wait.
See what that woman just did?
- You

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