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endThe Leningrad Order of Lenin
Film Studio "Lenfilm"
Based on the novel by
A. Belyaev
Screenplay by A. GOLBURT,
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designers
Music by A. PETROV
Sound by L. VALTER
English Subtitles by
V. KORENEV as Ichthyander
M. KOZAKOV as Zurita
N. SIMONOV as Salvatore
A. SMIRANIN as Balthazar
V. DAVYDOV as Olsen
The events depicted in this film
started with the appearance of
a mysterious, strange creature.
It looked like a human
with fish scales
and huge toad-like eyes.
The fishermen dubbed him
a "sea devil".
One day his footprints
were found on the beach.
The local people claim that
at night he was riding a dolphin,
loudly blowing his horn.
The newspapers reported that
he had drowned a fishing boat,
dragged two young nuns
into the ocean
and swallowed
a pearl diver.
Don Pedro!
The sea devil has struck again!
Such idiotic junk!
Believe me, where there's smoke,
there's fire.
The devil! The devil!
The sea devil!
What's the matter, you lazy
Why did you stop working?
A curse on your worthless heads!
Get back!
The devil!
- Who did you see?
- The devil, Master.
Then go and get acquainted
with him.
Let him cool down.
He's seeing all kind of nonsense.
Balthazar! How much do I owe you?
You must be kidding.
It's me who owes you lots of money.
Then explain why your daughter
is acting like a princess?
I couldn't dream of a better
husband for Gutiere than you.
That's why I persuaded her
to be your guest on your boat.
You must show her
what a nice man you are.
I've done nothing else lately!
You don't seem to notice me.
I've noticed how you kicked
Christo overboard.
Wait a minute, Gutiere!
It's true that sometimes I'm rough
with others. But with you...
I love you.
I can offer you both my name
and my fortune.
You're not one who gives away
so much for nothing.
That's how you repay me
for my kindness.
Must I pay already?
- You can't get away by running!
- Then I'll swim!
She's got a will of her own!
Father! Send my things ashore!
That's too much!
Come back now!
You better go get her.
There's a shark!
Help! Didn't you see the shark?
We're afraid of the sea devil!
Easy now. Poor little darling!
It's a miracle.
I saw the shark myself.
- All of us saw it.
- I saw it too.
I split the shark wide open.
I understand everything, father.
I wish I could love him.
But I can't help it.
Listen, Gutiere...
What will become of us?
You know how many debts we have.
Think of me and my old age.
I hope you're feeling better.
Yes, thank you, Don Pedro.
She wants to tell you
something important.
You tell him, father.
Don't worry. You can make
a public announcement.
She will marry you.
To Gutiere! To you!
And to our children!
Your daughter won't be sorry.
I'm rich as I am.
But soon,
I'll be fantastically rich.
You know, I have an idea.
I'm going to get rid of those bums
and employ just one pearl diver.
Guess who it will be!
The sea devil!
Come on. An hour ago, you
didn't believe in his existence.
I still don't believe in
any sea devil.
But this is some smart creature
living under water.
I've seen him as close as you now.
- Where?
- Never mind.
I've seen him.
Miss, are you all right?
I came to find out how you are.
The devil!
The sea devil is out there!
Down there, on the anchor!
Get the nets ready! Hurry!
We won't risk our necks
going after the sea devil.
Move! The net!
Maybe you just imagined it?
No, I didn't, father!
He talked to me.
Faster! Use some muscle!
I'll get him!
No matter what it costs me!
You coming in with me on this?
- But I got no money...
- Never mind that!
I'll lend you the money.
You're in the family now.
Once we've got this creature,
then we'

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