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Captain James, your
presence on Pad 73. Urgent.
Captain James,
your presence required. Urgent.
Pad 73, for immediate launch.
Launch 392. Captain James,
your presence required. Urgent.
Is that you, Benson?
How you doing?
So you blew the mental test?
"Potentially unstable". Huh!
I'd have been unstable,
too, getting Saturn 3.
Huh! Saturn 3...
You're not going to appeal?
It's been tried before.
Hey, Benz, what are you doing?!
Wait a minute! Stop!
Stop! No, B... Quick, stop!
Benz! Hold it!
Launch 392. Captain James
for Saturn 3 launch minus 5.
Launch 392. Commit minus 3.
Launch to Control. Group
on board. Commit minus 250.
Status red and counting.
You remain clear.
Let's go. Minus 030.
Have a pleasant trip, Captain.
Minus 20.
Minus 15.
Minus 10 and counting...
Nine, eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one...
You are entering the field
of Saturn 3 Experimental
Food Research Station.
Landers should adopt vectors
3-9 to the polar elliptic,
2-4 to the equator.
You are entering the field
of Saturn 3 Experimental
Food Research Station.
- Any urgent unloads?
- It can wait.
- I'll take that.
- No.
Is that all right in here?
Here's where we've been
for the last three years.
- Captain.
- Major.
This is my partner.
Take a look around.
We'll lock up.
You're quite an event
in our lives.
I guess you don't get
many drop-ins.
Hardly ever,
especially not from Earth.
- Hmm...
- Captain.
- What condo do you come from?
- Terminal 5.
Oh, I know 5. Where?
Far side of the East Billions.
Where were you?
I spent a couple of terms
in Billion Park.
They've cleaned it out now.
It's a dead cell.
Dead? I didn't know that.
- It's been a while. This way.
- I see by your scan
- you've never been to Earth.
- No, I haven't.
Saturn 3...
When they want to give...
...the Solar System an enema,
it's where they stick the tube.
We've heard that one.
I expected to go the lab.
We thought we'd have
a welcoming drink first.
- How's Earth, Captain?
- You get the bulletins.
You're supposed
to scan and acknowledge.
We do acknowledge.
But we don't always scan.
- Earth is hungry.
- That's why we're here.
Your research
is behind schedule.
We're doing all we can.
- You need help.
- You're the help?
- No taction contact.
- You mean don't touch?
What's in there?
I have to report in.
- You can't.
- We're in eclipse.
Oh, yes.
No external contact
while we're shadow-locked.
- You know that.
- Of course.
- How long will it last?
- 22 days.
- I need some rest.
- Show the captain his quarters.
Can I get you anything?
Some herbal?
- I'll just take some blues.
- Blues?
Blues. Blue dreamers.
Sleeping pills?
You've never heard of blues?
You lead a shut life here.
I choose to be here.
Here... In case
you choose to try one.
- One thing I envy him.
- What's that?
He's breathed.
We lead a shut life here.
It must be something
to go outside and breathe.
When I was last there,
if you breathed,
the pollution count
would rust your tubes!
What do you think
of the captain?
- He's funny.
- Funny?
I must have missed
his best lines.
- Adam?
- Hmm?
What are blues?
- Blue dreamers.
- Where did you get that?
From him.
He had no business
giving you this.
What do they do?
When they send
someone out alone,
they give them these
to stop them going static.
Did you ever take one?
- Blue dreamers?
- Did you?
Years ago.
- What was it like?
- Huh?
You heard me.
Let's try one... together.
- Maybe.
- Come on.
After he goes.
How long will he be here?
No longer than I can help.
Do your best to make him feel
at home, huh?
- Sally.
- Shut in the lab.
I'll get her.
There you are.
No taction contact.
Come here, Sally.
Sally, where are you?
Come on. Sally?
- It has a name?
- Of course she has a name.
- You never had a dog?
- A few times.
Didn't they ever have names?

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