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Снежная королева

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Moscow 1957
Based on the fairy tale
by Hans Christian Andersen
L. Grebner, L. Atamanov, N. Erdman
Poems: N. Zabolotsky
Song Lyrics: M. Svetlov
Directed by: L. Atamanov
Art Directors:
A. Vinokurov, I. Shvartsman
Assistant Director: N. Fedorov
Director of Photography: M. Druyan
Composer: A. Aivasyan
Sound: N. Prilutsky
Editor: L. Kyaksht
Animators: F. Khitruk, E. Khludova,
K. Chikin, R. Mirenkova,
T. Fyodorova, V. Krumin,
L. Reztsova, V. Likhachev,
I. Podgorsky, V. Dolgikh,
E. Komova, G. Novozhilov
Animators' Assistants:
B. Korneev, L. Model, A. Dudnikov
Director's Assistants:
V. Shilina, L. Goryacheva, N. Orlova
Camera Operator's Assistants:
N. Klimova, E. Rizo
Background Painters:
I. Svetlitsa, O. Gemmerling,
P. Korobayev, D. Anpilov
Production Manager: F. Ivanov
Parts voiced by:
Ole-Lukoie: V. Gribkov
Gerda: Y. Zheimo
Kay: A. Komolova
Snow Queen: M. Babanova
Little Robber Girl: G. Kozhakina
Hans Christian Andersen
"Fairy Tales and Stories"
Wait. Wait.
First umbrella.
Second umbrella.
Hans Christian Andersen
"Fairy Tales and Stories"
Well, hello there.
I'm very glad to see you.
Hello to you too,
dear friend of all the children
in the world,
Hans Christian Andersen.
Birds, flowers,
chairs, and even this old cupboard...
all told him their fairy tales
and stories.
He learned a few tales from me as well.
He said about me,
"No one in the world knows
more fairy tales
than Ole-Lukoie."
I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is Ole-Lukoie.
The ancients used to call me
the God of Dreams.
But judge for yourself...
do I really look like a god?
I'm just a little man who works magic.
At nights,
when your lay your head
on your pillow
and get under your blanket,
I creep up on tiptoe
to each of you
and blow gently
on the back of your head...
When I do that,
you shut your eyes
and you...
fall asleep.
Then I open my little umbrella...
this one, with all the colors,
over all the good, kind children.
Then I twirl it just like this...
and all night long they dream
about wonderful fairy tales!
This is the other umbrella.
It's for the naughty children.
I open it
and they fall asleep as well,
but they just lie there like logs
and don't have any dreams at all.
But since I have no doubt
that all of you are very good,
nice, obedient,
and you aren't bullies or lazybones,
I'll tell you a wonderful fairy tale.
Listen and watch.
In front of you
is an ancient town.
Gerda, Gerda,
you are watering the street.
Oh, what have I done?
Good thing that he didn't look up.
There isn't a cloud in the sky!
Look, look!
A swallow brought a little flower.
I want to give you a present too.
Here, I grew it for you.
And I grew this one for you, Gerda.
Thank you.
Kay, let's plant them in one pot.
All right.
Like that.
And let them be inseparable.
Just like us.
- And let them be friends.
- Just like us.
And let them love each other.
And let them love each other,
- just like us.
- Yes.
- Kay!
- Gerda!
I'm coming!
I'm coming!
Goodbye, Gerda.
Goodbye, Kay.
They loved each other very much.
During summer they played
in their airy garden,
and when the rains began,
followed by winter
with its long nights,
Kay visited Gerda,
and Gerda's grandmother
told the children fairy tales.
How marvelous it is, children, to listen
to the logs crackling on the fire
when it's cold out!
Look, the snow is falling again,
and every snowflake
is like a little white bee.
Grandmother, tell us,
where do these white bee
snowflakes come from?
From the north.
They fly here over cold seas,
in icy winds,
through blizzards and fogs.
They are loyal servants
of the Snow Queen.
An ice palace stands there.
The Snow Queen herself
lives in that palace.
Is she beautiful?
Words cannot describe
how beautiful she is.
She's made entirely of ice,
of brilliant, sparkling ice,
but she's alive.
Her eyes shine like
Снежная королева

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