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Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе

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The Cat Who Walked by Herself
Based on the works of
Rudyard Kipling
Ideya Garanina, Mariya Solovyova
Ideya Garanina
Art director:
Nina Vinogradova
Camera operator:
Aleksandr Vikhanskiy
Sofya Gubaydulina
Stop... stop crying,
human kitten.
Darkness has never yet harmed anyone.
But I thought... you'd also left.
No, no.
My time to leave has not yet come.
I thought we agreed a thousand years
ago that you would not grab my tail.
But I don't remember.
Well, then.
We'll have to repeat everything
from the beginning.
Attune your ears, and listen.
and observe,
and attend,
and understand.
This happened,
this took place,
this came about,
in those age-old
in those far-off,
pre-historic times.
This was... the Earth's childhood.
and she just adored,
moulding and colouring her
tumultuous continents
and turbulent oceans
with the brightest,
most striking,
and wildest paints.
And in the greener-than-green forests
overwhelmingly loud sang
marvellous birds.
Happily fluttered astounding butterflies.
And the darkness hid all sorts
of different animals.
And all of them were so wild
as can be only trully wild beasts.
The Dog, too, was wild.
He shivered from cold
and howled from hunger
in the darker-than-dark forest
and snapped his white teeth.
The Horse, too, was wild.
He tossed his wild mane above
the wild, tall grass.
And stomped his heavy-as-granite hooves.
And galloped
and flew
and raced like the wind.
through numerous open places.
The Cow, too, was wild.
She lay in a warm silted puddle in a waterhole
and shivered with her whole body
because of the horribly awful
rustling in the bushes.
And displayed the tips of
her vastly long horns
to guard against her many enemies.
But the wildest of all wild animals was the Cat.
She walked by herself, completely alone.
Both in the hot, wonderful noon.
And in the warm, pleasant evening.
And in the black, magical midnight.
And waved her wild tail.
Because all of this absolute
wildness of the Earth
she awfully liked.
Of course the Man was wild too.
Among the wild animals,
he ran in his 15th place,
given to him by nature by
the speed of his running.
And of course he could
catch neither the Hare,
nor the Fox, nor the Ostrich,
nor the Wildebeast, nor the Dog
nor the Giraffe,
nor the Camel, nor the Elephant,
nor, especially, the Cheetah,
who as you know, can run at
the speed of 120 km/h
The Man was completely wild.
That's that.
The Man was dreadfully wild.
That's that.
The Man was astoundingly wild.
And of course,
he would have forever,
for ages and ages,
remained impossibly,
horribly wild
if not for the Woman.
The Man simply stood stunned.
He dropped his stone knife...
Basically, he acted as do all
wild men at the sight of a woman.
She told him,
"I do not like your wild lifestyle."
You have a terribly neglected appearance,
and bad manners.
You probably never wash yourself,
and sleep in a heap of wet leaves.
But I picked out a nice dry cave,
and covered the floor with clean sand.
And together they went to the cave,
passing by lavishly-coloured magnolias
blooming fig trees and oleanders,
sweet-smelling wild potatoes, and tomatoes.
And yet, here were a mother and father,
only from prehistory.
At first, the Man armed himself to the teeth
and went to check -
was an enemy hiding, or lurking,
in the dark corners of the cave?
But the Woman explained,
First of all, at the entrance,
you must wipe your feet, dear.
because here we'll keep house.
Here will be our family fireplace.
And here will be our bedroom
Here we will keep our food stores.
At home you must speak
in an even voice.
This red flower will be our best friend.
It will keep us warm
and protect us from wild animals.
and bake us tasty food.
Be careful!
Oh, it hurts!
You poor thing.
What terrible manners are these?
A fire must never be touched with
Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе

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