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2003Glory to the radiant sun!
Glory in the highest
Glory to Prince Igor!
Glory to Russia
Glory to brave Prince Trubchevsky
And to Vsevolod Svyatoslavich
Glory to the prince
To young Vladimir of Putivl
To the Prince of Rylsk, glory
Glory to Russia
From the great river Don
to the sea...
...across the Polovtsian steppes
Their glory is heard
in lands unknown
Glory to the princes
Fair maidens sing their praises
along the Danube
Their song runs from the coast
to Kiev
Glory to the princes
and their armies
Forward into battle
against Russia's enemies
God grant you victory
Forward against the Polovtsian Khans
We'll wash away our wrongs
in enemy blood
Crush the enemy as you did
at Oltava and Varla
We fight for our faith...
...for Russia and the people
I'd break my sword for Russia
in the Polovtsian steppes
We shall fall with honour...
...or return in victory
Princes, it is time to depart
What is this?
The sun is going dark
This is an omen from God
The sun is crescent-shaped
like the moon
This is a bad omen
The stars are shining
in daylight
The earth is covered in darkness
It is night
Prince, do not go
This is a sign from God
We shall see if it bodes well
or not
We cannot escape destiny.
What is there to fear?
We'll fight for our faith
and for Russia
Should we turn back
without fighting?
Perhaps it would be better not to go
Let's mount our horses
and ride to the sea
Let them go, but we'll stay here
I'm afraid.
Perhaps we'll be killed
Let's find a better job
With Vladimir Yaroslavich,
Prince Galitsky
We'll have food and drink
And we'll stay alive
Let the wives of the princes and
boyars come to be kissed farewell
My love, stay here with me
This is the wrong moment.
Please do not go
That omen promises misfortune
for us both
Do not weep, my beloved wife
We cannot turn back
I have never felt so afraid before
We have often had to say farewell
- I know what you will say
- Duty demands that I go
The prince is right.
You cannot turn back
Farewell, my love
God protect you
Pray for us
I entrust my wife to her brother
Guard your sister
Ease her grief with your wisdom
I entreat you as a brother
You can trust me.
I owe you much
When my father and my brothers
banished me...
...you showed me pity
and sheltered me
You reconciled my father to me
I was welcomed home
and forgiven...
...thanks to you
I am glad that I could help you
It is time to depart
Bless us, holy father.
Bless us for battle
Bless the princes and the armies
May God assist you in battle
and bring you victory
Sing the praises
of the princes and armies
Glory to the multitude of stars
Glory in the high heavens,
glory to our princes
Glory with us in Rus
In the sun, without water...
...the poor little flower withers
Its head droops
and its leaves hang sadly
But when night falls
the air will be cool
The dew will dampen the ground
and water the flower
The flower will come back to life
When our heart feels sad...
...it is like a parched flower
It withers and pines
and waits for a gentle embrace
But when night falls
our lover will come
He'll bring joy to a pining heart
The heart comes back to life
like a flower in the dew
The light is fading
Let our songs and dances...
..e to an end
Night casts its veil of darkness
Night, fall more quickly
Cloak me in darkness
Conceal me in your mist
The time of our meeting has come
When will my love come?
Doesn't he know I'm waiting?
Where are you, my love?
Answer, where are you?
Answer, my love
I'm waiting for you
The sun sets over the mountains
The daylight disappears
The sky sends the moon for the night
It moves across, protecting it
It lightens the earth
and protects us
It is time to rest
The daylight has faded
and the sun has set
Night has fallen
and shadows cover the steppes
The warm southern night!
It calls for dreams of love,
spreading warmth in my blood
It calls


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