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[Airplane Engines Roaring ]
[ Roaring Continues ]
[Airplane Engines whining ]
[ whining Continues,
Landing Gear Screeches ]
# [ "Into the Night"
Performed By B. B. King ]
# Caught in a quick sand
and I'm startin ' to sink #
# So tired of strugglin ' that
my mind can barely think #
# I don 't know
where I'm goin '#
# Lord, I don 't know
what I'm gonna do #
# My fuel supply is finished#
# There ain 't nothin 'left
to burn #
# I need someone to help me #
# But I don 't know
which way to turn #
# I know I don 't have much
of a choice #
# I'll go out of my mind#
# Or into the night #
# I'm rollin' and tumblin'#
# Spinnin' end over end#
# Got to have
some peace and quiet #
# So I can find myself again #
# Still if you ask me
what's the matter #
# I just don't know
what to say #
# There's people all around me
but I feel so alone #
# I guess they'd like
to help me #
# But I have to do it
on my own #
# I know I don't have much
of a choice #
# I'll go out of my mind#
# Or into the night #
# Into the night ##
[ Birds Chirping ]
[ woman ]
Do you want some coffee?
Just a minute.
What did you say?
Do you want me to make you some coffee?
No. No, thanks.
Aren't you hungry?
Oh, yeah, sure.
What's the matter, Ed?
Why aren't you sleeping?
{ Sighs }
I don't know.
Well, what can I do?
Just love me, okay?
[ CarHorn Honks ]
Oh, that's Stan.
What is it?
Am I doing something wrong?
- No, of course not.
- Well, what is it?
I don't know.
[Horn Honking]
Oh, we better go.
Herb's probably
going berserk by now.
- Herb can wait.
- I gotta go.
Have a nice day.
[ CarDoor Closes,
Engine Revs ]
"Have a nice day"?
{ Horns Honking }
[Radio ]
# KABC 79 #
# Los Angeles ##
It's the Ken and Bob Company.
[ Horn Honking]
# Loman and Barkley #
I 'm moving! I 'm moving!
# In the morning##
# Hear how good#
{ Crying }
# Our country sounds #
# KLAC##
{ Continues Crying }
# Rick Dees in the morning
[Announcer #2 ]
KOST- 103. Good morning.
I'm David K. Duncan.
[Announcer #3 ]
Commander Chuck Street
with traffic. How's it going?
[ Commander]
we've got a slowdown on that
south bound Pasadena freeway.
[Announcer #4 ]
This is the Dave Hull program
on KRLA,
but we are gonna
interrupt the show now
for this special announce--
{ T urns Off Radio }
Don't you want to hear
what happened?
No, not really.
If it's important, I guess
they'll let us know anyway.
Ah, a smilel
Okay, now we're
gettin' somewhere.
All right, Mr. No-Sleep,
I have something for you.
What's three miles long
and has an I.Q of 165?
A Saint Patrick's Day parade.
it's a Cinco de Mayo parade.
I can't sleep anymore,
Are you gonna be all right?
I don't wantyou nodding off
at the wheel.
No, no, I'm fine.
We can switch.
I'm fine. I'm okay.
{ Sighs }
I don't know.
I don't know.
My job is a dead end.
I feel weird,
like I'm from another
planet or something.
Ellen kissed me on the top
of my head this morning
and said, "Have a nice day. "
- Can you believe that?
- What's wrong with that?
Bank tellers say,
"Have a nice day."
The cashier at the supermarket
says, "Have a nice day."
I just think that somehow
yourwife should say something
better than, "Have a nice day."
You're losing your mind, Ed.
How long have you had insomnia?
My last good night's sleep?
Yeah, the full eight hours.
Seems like... 1980.
Yeah, the summer of 1980.
{ Chuckles }
You're in bed. You can't sleep.
I don't see the problem.
You go to the airport,
catch the midnight flight
to Las Vegas.
Nobody sleeps there.
Very funny, Herb.
No, listen, I'm serious.
You need some action.
I'm not a gambler.
Don't gamble.
Have a few drinks.
See a show.
Get loose.
Get laid.
Oh, wonderful.
I'm sure Ellen would love it.
You'll be home
before she wakes up.
Sex isn't the problem.
When was the last time
you fucked your wife?
You're a classy guy, Herb.
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