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- Good morning.
What's the mother's name?.
Erna Sveinsdottir.
- Hold on.
Are you having it like that?.
- Isn't it cute?.
let's skip the candy.
It's nice as it is.
The guests will arrive soon.
Mom, are you trying to kill me?.
This is really uncomfortable.
What are you saying child?.
It's just for today.
Sit down and take a load off.
Grandma's going to
get you something special.
Listen Baldur,
I was thinking-
This is from grandma.
Wait, wait...
There you go.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Baldur.
Happy birthday to you.
Listen Baldur,
I ordered mine from abroad,
but it hasn't arrived yet.
Is that okay?.
- Sure.
I'll help you blow out
the candles later.
That's a lot of candles, huh?.
- There are eleven candles!.
- Don't touch
the icing Baldur!.
Wait, not just yet.
I forgot the camera.
Katrin dear,
come take a picture.
- You should take the picture,
"The Family Photographer"'.
There you go dear.
Just push the 'on' button.
Push until the focus is clear,
then you push...
Push again, but you have to
wait for the focus.
How's is it going abroad?.
- Just great.
It demands
a lot of my time.
Thank you.
It's great to see you guys.
- You too. You look great.
- How's Sweden these days?.
- Same as always.
I've been there so long.
Yes, right.
For me?.
- Katrin, Katrin..!
- You fucking cunt!
I... I can explain-
- I stand here waiting for you.
Yes, sorry. I can explain.
It's my son's birthday.
- What the hell
is wrong with you!
I have to be here-
- You fucking cunt!
I'm sorry, so sorry.
- Fuck.
- I trusted you to return,
but you have betrayed me!
No, I haven't-
- You have betrayed me!
- You have betrayed me!
- I go to the airport
and you don't show up!
I'm sorry, I meant to call.
- You whore!
There you are!
You have to say goodbye.
- I'm coming.
The guests are leaving.
Simmi and Pala are waiting
to say goodbye to you.
Come on then.
- Yes.
- Hear what I'm saying!
can I call you back-
- You take the next plane
to Stockholm, understand?.
I can't do that.
- You will come tomorrow.
- Understand! Tomorrow!
- I can't come tomorrow.
- This is the last time
I'll wait for you.
- Do you understand?.
- The last time!
- Am I making myself clear?.
- Yes... Yes, I understand.
- Say:. I'll come tomorrow Johan. Say it!
- Say it!
- Johan... I'll come tomorrow.
- Breathe in...
And now we're flying.
- We're flying as a group.
- The young in the middle
and the strong keep point.
- Elvar, I need to use
the bathroom.
It's me.
- Oskar?. I really need to go.
Use the one downstairs.
- Mom is in the shower.
This one's occupied.
Just, go outside or something.
- What's wrong with you?.
Oskar, can you pick me up
after gymnastics?.
When are you done?.
- About five o'clock.
Sure, I'll be there.
Mom, can I get
a new swimsuit?.
Swimsuit?. Isn't the one
you have good enough?.
No, it's ugly.
- Don't be silly. It looks great.
- Not now.
You can, when we go
to Italy next summer.
This one will do for now.
End of discussion.
Can you do a somersault?.
Learnt that in gymnastics?.
- Really?.
You should have
seen her the other day.
I couldn't make it.
- That's okay.
They're happy with
the current terms.
I told them
it was binding, so...
We need to get it
in writing.
No later than
Hey. Twelve grand
on one hand.
On just one hand.
- Yes... Exactly.
Are you going to
show dad your drawing?.
Want to put your jacket on?.
- I'm so tired.
I think your dad
is on his way.
- It's on the top shelf.
Do you see it?.
Bottom of the heap.
You have to be there.
Gauti doesn't know anything.
I won't worry about it then.
Do we need to go to grandma?.
- Yeah, come on.
You're a bit late.
- Yes, couldn't make it sooner.
This happens a bit

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