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SaReGaMaSTS TV Station
Matilda TV Station
1988. The Afghan war
had been going for 9 years.
Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Year 1988. Day 1
Don't cry, please.
Just two years, only two years.
- Chugainov!
- Here.
Now go.
- Is Rjabokon here?
- He's being carried!
The enemy won't get through.
Time to say goodbye.
This is for you.
Brothers, the frontier is locked up
and the key is in my pocket.
Put all the bags here. Beer, vodka,
moonshine - onto the table.
Was she your girlfriend?
Did you get her on it
one last time?
What? Didn't she give?
Don't worry. It'll be all right.
There are plenty of normal boys
around, they'll get her.
- What's this?
- Paints.
What are you going to
paint there? A tank's wheel?
Have you brought an easel, painter?
You think she'll wait?
You write her letters with your snivel
while they'll shoot her from two barrels.
Get lost. What
have I done to you?
He's found his voice!
So hit me! Come on.
Come on. Shithead.
Relax, sonny.
I'll make a soldier out of you yet.
Do you know the army
number 1 rule?
"A soldier should bravely
face the hardship of Army life"
Why are you wearing the suit?
You think the service is a holiday?
I have nothing else.
Let's do a swap. I'll give you mine
and throw in some cigarettes.
You won't need it
while I go to the town.
Disco, girls... understand?
Hey, you did well.
Don't say it. My service is like a dream
you do not want to wake up from.
What do you say, a deal?
Of course.
- Take the sheet off.
- Of course.
You say, a beautiful dream?
What are you doing?
Stop, I say stop.
Relax, sonny.
- Let go!
- What was it about facing hardship?
Let go of me.
Remember? Finish it yourself.
Guys, is this the 6th unit?
Where the hell are
you going, Rambo. Piss off.
- Relax, Chugun.
- What?
Nothing. What's you name?
Volodja Vorobjev.
Lutayev Oleg, Livid for short.
- This is Ruslan.
- Volodja. - Dzhokonda!
Stas, Grey
- Hi. I am Grey
- Volodja
Rjaba, Chugun, that's it so far.
Move it.
Sit down, Sparrow
Go on, Rjaba
So I wake up in the morning
Head is all over the place
Unstuck my eyes with my fingers.
Looked up...
Where am I? How I got here?
God knows.
A girl sitting there
smiling, naked.
Her daddy is standing over me
like over a coffin.
Says, you're in trouble lad.
The girl isn't 18 yet, so choose...
Either you marry her
or I go to police
She covered her tits with a blanket,
eyes down,
like a good girl.
And didn't she look ugly!
Like a bull-dog.
But I say "no, daddy"
I would rather lie under a tank
than on top of her.
Then we had a race.
Who's first, me over here
or he to the police station.
I got married yesterday.
The wedding and good-byes together.
She said, now I am yours. Come on,
you have a wife now
She thinks I am a fool.
I'll be away for 2 years.
She cried all night.
A wife and I didn't touch her.
But I said, when I'm back, I'll check.
If, God forbids..
I'll kill the bitch.
I just left her like this.
That's him. It's him.
Wearing a suit.
Who are you waving
your hands at?
Quiet, quiet. Have a rest.
I'll shave you bald myself in a moment.
These are the Afghan units, dickhead.
Get over here, bastard.
9th Company
Fergana, Uzbekistan. Day 3
Where are you from?
From Groznyj.
Where from?
From Groznyj, then you'll be Pinochet.
- What?
- Pinochet?
Why on earth Pinochet?
I don't know. Why not?
What a mug.
Where are you from, clowns?
From Siberia, Sir.
I am Senior Warrant Officer Djagolo.
Someone's deaf? Get up!
All stand up! On the run!
Fall into line! Fast!
Put the hat on when in line!
Right dress! Attention!
Nobody's blind here?
This mountain is ours,
... the one beyond it is Afghanistan.
So that the ones that are sent there
don't snuff it the same day...
I'll drill you for 3 months
non-stop, 24 hours a day.
Starting now.
Any questions?
No questions.
Turn right.
Follow me to

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