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My name is Don Juan DeMarco.
I am the son
ofthe great swordsman...
Antonio Garibaldi DeMarco
who was tragically killed...
the honor of my mother...
the beautiful Doa lnez
Santiago y San Martine.
I am the world's greatest lover.
I have made love
to over a thousand women.
I was 21 lastTuesday.
-Good evening, sir.
-Good evening, Nicholas.
No woman has ever
left my arms unsatisfied.
Only one has rejected me,
and as fortune would have it...
she is the only one
who has ever mattered.
This is why, at 21 , I have
determined to end my life.
one final conquest.
May l?
I'm expecting a friend.
He's been delayed,
but he should be here soon.
I will not linger.
I am Don Juan.
That's very funny. ls there
a costume party at the hotel?
No, I am Don Juan...
directly descended
from the noble Spanish family.
And you seduce women.
I never take advantage
of a woman.
I give women pleasure...
if they desire it.
lt is the greatest pleasure
they will ever experience.
There are some women...
a certain texture
to their hair...
a curve to the ears...
that sweeps
like the turn of a shell.
These women have fingers...
with the same sensitivities
as their legs.
The fingertips have the same
feelings as their feet.
And when
you touch their knuckles...
it is like passing your hands
around their knees...
and this tender,
fleshy part ofthe finger...
is the same as brushing
your hands around their thighs.
And, finally...
Every woman is a mystery
to be solved...
but a woman hides nothing
from a true lover.
Her skin color can tell us
how to proceed.
A hue like the blush ofa rose,
pink and pale...
and she must be coaxed
to open her petals...
with a warmth like the sun.
The pale and dappled skin
ofa redhead...
calls for the lust of a wave
crashing to the shore...
so we may stir up
what lies beneath...
and bring the foamy delight
of love to the surface.
Although there is no metaphor...
that truly describes
making love to a woman...
the closest is playing
a rare musical instrument.
I wonder...
does a Stradivarius violin...
feel the same rapture
as the violinist...
when he coaxes a single
perfect note from its heart?
Muchas gracias, seorita.
Every true lover knows...
that the moment
of greatest satisfaction...
comes when ecstasy
is long over...
and he beholds
before him the flower...
which has blossomed
beneath his touch.
Sorry I'm late, honey.
lt was unavoidable.
I hope you went ahead
without me.
Oh, well.
Now I must die.
-Evening, Jack.
How you doing?
You're putting on
a little weight here.
You know...
you and me been going
to the same bakery.
Sorry to do this to you...
but this is a job that only
Supershrink can handle.
He's ajumper to be
reckoned with, I'm telling you.
What's the costume?
He's Don Juan.
He wishes
to end his life gloriously.
He wants us to send
our finest swordsman...
to do battle with him...
Don Francisco da Silva.
Did he actually say this?
I was up there.
I tell you.
How do you get in this?
Over here.
Are you sure
this is how Freud started?
What do I know?
I'm just the dumb cop.
You're the shrink.
Where is Don Francisco da Silva?
l will fight none other.
-Where is he?
-Don Francisco da Silva...
left for Mallorca
on this weekend...
but I am his uncle
Don Octavio del Flores.
This will not do.
I must die at the hands
of Don Francisco.
I am Don Juan DeMarco.
You are the Don Juan?
This is correct.
Why, with so many successes...
does the great Don Juan
wish to end his life?
Because there is
nothing left to live for.
Do you mean to say
there is nothing at all?
Not when my Doa Ana
is everything.
Her name is Doa Ana.
Now you understand
why I must die.
I ask only that it be
at the hands of Don Francisco...
so it may be said I died
in glory from a worthy opponent.
This young woman, Doa Ana,
must be very special.
I would


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