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Девочки хотят повеселиться

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I don't know where to begin.
Lets see...
This is really embarrassing.
I don't know, I guess
I am pretty boring.
Please, class. Show our new
student a little courtesy.
Just tell us a little about yourself, Janey.
I hiccup when I get nervous.
So we've learnt.
Janey, why don't you tell
us where are you from?
From everywhere.
I mean my dad's in the army.
Or at least he
wasn't really retired.
So we were always moving.
This has the eleventh school
that I've been to.
Eleven different schools,
but uniforms are always the same.
Even on Guam.
Chicago is really going to after do with fair share
to impresses a seasson traveler like you.
Tell us about your hobies.
Outside interests.
Lets see what i like to do?...
I like listening to the music.
I like doing gymnastics.
And I love to dance.
I mean bases are pretty dead,
unless you are in the army.
So I always had a lot of
time to day dream...
And my day dream was always the same:
That some day I was gonna
get to Chicago.
Because thats where
they make Dance TV.
Live from Chicago! America's No1 Dance show!
Dance TV is on the air!
Watch out for the candy rapper
The boy can dance
And he's so sweet, yeah
He'll blow your composure, 
as he picks you right
Out of your seat
He's got you going in circles
Your head is spinning
round and round
You'll start to feel his motion
When he takes you on down.
Shout, break out, don't be insecure
Cause it's your chance to scream
Shout, break out, go dance with her
Cause she's a physical dream
Oh, yeah, shout, break out
From the way you were
Cause it's your chance to dream
Come on, shout, freak out
Be good to her
Cause she's a human machine.
Ooh, when I'm with you,
I feel a little Heaven
You got that something
I wanna get in
We're two stars
That shine so bright
We'll dance better
Than we dance tonight
Shout, break out,
don't be insecure
Cause it's your chance to scream
Shout, break out,
go dance with her
Cause she's a physical dream
Hi I am Garry Word.
Welcome to Dance TV.
We have an incredible show
for you tonight,
as if you stay with us,
we bring one solid hour
filled with your favorite hits.
We have WoW Premiere videos,
the latest music is from Ricky.
Enough hot dancing DTV's regulars
to burnt out any house.
So, grab your fire extinguishers,
turn the TV on. It's DTV time!
Cause she's a physical dream
Could you cover for me?
Just hold the blazer on.
- Like this?
Got it?
Yes, thanks.
Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
Caltrop - next to walkman in tab
is cooliest invention in 20th century.
My name's Lynne Stone.
- Hi.
I'm gonna change it as soon as
I'm old enough.
Why are you doing this? I mean,
do you have a date or something?
No I wish. I just know it must be warning.
I am gonna to babysit.
You just gonna see me when I am going out.
What's the matter?
Oh, I know. You are gonna to miss
the beginning Dance TV!
Yeah, well never mind,
I miss the missing things.
Well, get over it. I'm not gonna like
you miss anything.
She's gotta 25 inch TV.
- Excuse me...
Why, are you sure she'll be at home?
- No problem.
I am telling you -
this woman loves me.
Ok, here we are.
Be cool, be cool.
OK, she just ate. Don't feed her anything.
- OK.
I will back at 6.
And write down all tone messages.
You bet.
- OK. Bye, bye.
- Bye.
Stinky Lemsky!
Hey, girlfriend.
Stinky Lemsky, this is Janey.
Janey, Stinky.
I'll be right back.
- OK.
Jonathan and Lisa are
definitely my favourite couple.
You know, he's birthday is
same as mine as almost.
Do you remember when they
kissed on the music show?
- It was french kiss.
Afterward he wiped his mouth.
It was quite clear about it.
That are DTV dancers.
How would
Девочки хотят повеселиться

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