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Subtitles by Eugene Belianski
(aka. Niffiwan)
Scenario: M. Volpin
Director-producer: Lev Atamanov
Art directors: A.Vinokurov, I.Shvartsman
Composer: Lev Solin
Camera: M.Druyan
Sound: N.Prilotskiy
Editor: L.Kyaksht
Script editor: R.Frichinskaya
Assistant directors: V.Shilina, Ye.Tyranova
Assistant artist: B.Korneyev
Assistant camera: N.Nayashkova
Decorators: D.Anpilov, P.Karabayev
Orchestra conductor: E.Khachaturyan
Executive producer: F.Ivanov
The roles of the academic and
the grandfather are realized by:
Animators: F.Khitruk, A.Petrov, K.Chikin
Actors: V.Gribkov, L.Glushchenko
The role of the boy is realized by:
Animators: Ye.Khludova, G.Barinova
Actor: A. Komolova
The roles of the mother, father
and fairies are realized by:
Animators: M.Voskanyants, G.Zolotovskaya
Ye.Komova, R.Mirenkova
L.Reztsova, T.Taranovich
Actors: G. Vitsin, R.Zelyonaya
V.Orlova, L.Pashkova
T.Peltser, Ye.Ponsova
Other roles are realized by:
Animators: I.Beryozin
A.Davydov, V.Karayev
G.Karayeva, K.Malyantovich
M.Motruk, I.Podgorskiy
A.Popov, V.Shevkov
Actors: V.Lepko, S.Martinson
A.Papanov, V.Tumanova
G.Tusuzov, G.Dudnik
Everything for the baby!
Wipe your feet.
Wash your hands.
Put a cloth over your face.
It's for him.
Fai-ries. Fairies.
Make them wipe their feet.
Tulipina, fairy.
Hyacintha, fairy.
Liliana - the same, fairy.
Zakharov, Nikolay Nikolayevich,
My wife, Lilly.
Our boy!
He and his mother are
like two drops of water.
He and his father are also
like two drops of water.
Add them all up, and we
get four drops of water!
We've brought something, you know!
for your child.
Imported wool!
No, this is not wool.
This is a magic yarn ball.
It will lead your boy to the door of happiness.
To the door of happiness.
Hear, foolish boy?
This ball will lead you to the door of happiness.
I invite everyone to the table!
For our wonderful fairies!
No, no. For the little one.
For the little one.
What a magical drink!
Let us sing.
Let's sing.
a lady-cow
gave birth to kids..
and their names are:
Frogs bear tadpoles,
Bears bear cubs,
Chickens bear chicks,
and feed them grubs.
Oh how the tadpole wants to
quickly grow!
To become a real toad...
and live in filth and dampness.
How beautiful!
Yes, but no longer trendy.
Now this is trendy!
But not very beautiful.
He's playing with the happiness of our child!
It's improper, Kolya-dear.
What's the matter, Lilly-dear?
I don't think I'm allowing
myself any excesses.
Shoo! Shoo!
My grandchild is fit.
Nicely done, daughter.
Hello, civil servant. Congratulations.
Hello, beauties.
Daddy, these are fairies!
Pleased to meet you.  I'm Tulyakov,
Semyon Prohorich,
a retired fitter.
So you are... fairies?
So you are women?
Wait, civil servant.
I brought a present for the boy.
Here. Biting pincers.
My great-grandfather cast
them with his own hands.
An eternal thing.
And here's a hammer. You won't
find one like it in the store.
A saw. A fitter's clamp.
A drill, and drill bits for it.
A file. A fine thing!
what did you bring all of this junk for?
This is not junk, mother, but work tools!
My grandfather and great-grandfather
worked with them,
grew up with them and became
highly-qualified people!
Oh daddy-dear!
Our boy does not need any of this.
Why not?
This boy will grow by the hour, not the day.
And when he becomes six years old,
he will walk into the open field and say:
Fly, yarn ball, like a dove,
But straight ahead, don't ever rove.
And this yarn ball will bring
him to the doors of happiness.
And he will never have to learn or work!
So you're going to raise a loafer!
A lazy do-nothing!
I will not allow it!
He wants to throw the happiness
of our boy out the window!
Kind girls, please stop him! Restrain him!
I will not allow it!

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