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Production: Studio "Georgian Film"
Script: Otar Iosseliani
Rezo Inanichvili - Otar Mekhrichvili
Photography: Abessalom Maisouradze
Production design: Vakhtang Rouroua
Sound: Ekaterina Popova
Production manager: Chota Laperadze
With: Nestor Pipia
Rezo Tcharkhalachvili
Lia Tokhadze-Djougueli
Marina Kartsivadze
Tamara Gabarachvili
Nana Iosseliani
Leri Zardiachvili
Director: Otar Iosseliani
They can leave tomorrow.
They will be welcomed.
Don't let anyone in.
We're almost there.
We're in no hurry.
- Look over there.
- I saw.
They've arrived!
Come in.
These two rooms are for you.
Don't bother.
Give it, I'll take it.
Don't bother, you are our guests.
Do you have a light?
Excuse us.
You're welcome.
Give me your matches.
I too, I know a trick.
One ruble twenty.
One moment, please.
One small glass,
and you're free.
Pour him one.
Sit here.
Don't bother.
To your pretty town.
You're here for the summer?
You see all this lemonade?
It's surely for the girls.
May I introduce my father.
Niko and I settle here.
You're smart!
It was pretty shaken.
We start at the beginning.
Let me listen.
What are you looking at?
- You did a mistake?
- It's ok.
They are angry.
- What is happening?
- It's a friendly fight.
The other was blamed
and he got angry.
It's not the first time
he does this to me.
What's wrong?
Nothing. It's raining. Sleep.
You're afraid?
Leave it open.
Nice morning.
It's good for you
the rain last night?
Does he bite?
He doesn't bite,
you feed him too much.
He's spoiled. He's always eating,
doesn't bark, doesn't bite.
Is this truck yours?
It's the kolkhoze's.
Did you hear the rain?
- It rained?
- All night.
I was sleeping.
When I sleep, I hear nothing.
You have a deep sleep.
No, I don't drink.
What's wrong?
I have to go get the bricks.
You have the money?
They trust me.
How much is it?
We have to shoe the horse.
The blacksmith is always drunk.
You have to knock hard
for him to open.
Take these fruit to the guests.
I know what to do.
Show your hand. The other.
Edouki! She didn't wash her hands.
Come! To work!
Stop the truck!
Where is the head of the brigade?
Where are you taking them?
To pick tobacco.
What did I say yesterday?
"Bring them here."
I brought them.
Once you say here,
once there.
Turn around, and go to the corn!
Right away!
Then, they ask
where does the gas go!
Every morning out, back in...
All evening, she was strange.
Not a word...
He put her in such a situation...
What would you do in her shoes?
I'd never be in her shoes.
But she had a child.
And her self-respect?
You calculate everything.
I say a woman
should not humiliate herself.
I told her: Let's leave,
it's embarrassing.
Should've gotten up and left.
Now everyone talks about it.
She doesn't care
what they say about her.
Give me that.
You are disturbing them!
So, we can't move?
Watch out,
you will always be wrong.
Stay, are you in a hurry?
I've things to do.
What are you doing here?
Who allowed you to reap here?
Give me that scythe!
Just pretend you didn't see me.
Go to hell!
I warned you.
All this belongs to the kolkhoze.
You don't reap...
you don't allow to reap.
What did you say?
Come to the office,
we'll have a talk.
He scares me with his office.
Come quickly!
Call mama. Come quickly!
You brought them!
We unload quickly.
There she is!
Wait, I have a proposition.
If your musicians play
at a funeral meal,
we will pay them.
And on top of it,
we will feed them.
they're interested!
- It's for us?
- Yes, spring water.
At last, they sing.
Who is he?
And the other?
His sister.
I'll go and see.
Another old one.
We know very few.
- Should we stop?
- Yes, it's enough.
We bought cotton and detergent.
Edouki, you're coming with us?
Where are you going?
She's taking us.
We're visiting a mill.
May I?
What do you want?
Where are


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