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EndM. Gorky Central Film Studio
for Youth and Children
Robert Louis Stevenson's
I was just past my fifteenth
My mother kept a seaside inn,
"The Admiral Benbow",
a fair distance from
the nearest town.
In those autumn days
a brown old seaman,
with a sabre cut on his cheek,
took up his lodging under our roof.
He would spend whole days
wandering around the cove
with a brass telescope.
All evening he sat in a corner of
the parlor next to the fire.
It was one of those quiet evenings
when the events
that still sear my memory began.
I can call it to mind what an icy
wind blew through the door
when the blind man entered,
and how fast I had to run
to look for help!
If I hadn't met the Squire
on the road,
and Doctor Livesey,
I would never have heard
of Treasure Island.
Can any one inform a blind man
who gave up his sight
in the defense of England,
and may God bless King George,
is this the inn?
- The Admiral Benbow?
- Yes! Can we help you?
And where can I find my mate,
seaman Billy?
Who's that moving there?
That you, Billy?
Stay where you are!
Don't you even call to mind
your former shipmate?
- Is it you, Pew?
- Himself.
When Flint cast off, and you had
disappeared, the boys were angry!
It's not good, a man deserting
his old friends.
- Tell me why you have come?
- I bear you the good wish...
of the one-legged man.
The Black Spot!
This has to be done.
Just one hour, that's all, Billy!
Run, Jim, make haste.
- Where are you going?
- I won't be long, mama.
Where is he making for
in the dead of night?
In one hour, I won't give a lead
penny for the Admiral Benbow,
nor for you, if nobody comes
to help us.
You had better leave.
And why should I leave
my own house, sir?
If you don't leave, go down to
the cellar and bolt yourself in.
You must pay two months rent,
Mister Bones.
I have every intention of
staying longer in this cabin.
Billy, have you thought it over?
We have you over a barrel.
Let's come to an agreement
like good shipmates.
Give us the map, and we'll
pull up anchor with the tide.
Can you hear me, Billy?
Better down the door, my lads!
'Tis the map that you're wanting?
All right, scum! Come get it!
You heard him, didn't you?
Forward, you lubbers!
It's Dirk's whistle! We must get
Dirk's a fool! Forward!
Into the house, men! Make haste!
- We must fly, Pew!
- Come back, you dogs!
Or we'll lose everything!
I'll do it alone!
Let me go! I'll kill you, you curs!
Take your hands off me!
Stay there then, you blind scum!
You filthy sewer rat!
Shipmates! Johnny, where are you?
Don't leave me beached here!
- Out of the way!
- Look out, Trelawney!
The devil's curse on the fool!
It seems he wasn't a rich man.
- Then why did they come?
- Cannot you guess?
- Does the name of Flint ring a bell?
- Only a few misty legends.
By Trinidad, I saw with my eyes
the flag flying from his masthead!
But our good Captain was afraid
and put full sail back.
The bloodiest pirate that sailed
upon the seven seas, sir!
The Black Beard
was a babe in comparison!
The Spaniards were so fearful of
Flint, I was proud he was English.
He was the last of the pirate race.
The rest are mere sea trash.
We shall come down,
Mrs. Hawkins.
- I shall set you up in Jim's room.
- We're honored to share with Jim.
You bore yourself like a valiant
gentleman, Jim!
You're a formidable man, Livesey!
Stop pretending that you haven't
seen this packet here.
I must admit, it is the key to
the treasure of Captain Flint.
But is it worth while searching
for that accursed gold?
Of course. By thunder, why not?
Haven't you dreamed of setting
out with topsails billowing,
to go searching for treasure
in the tropics?
Whether or not it exists
doesn't matter a damn.
I will go and fit out a ship,
take you and Jim Hawkins,
and this spring we shall set out,
my lads!
Perhaps there's nothing in here
but an old scarf of his mother's.

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