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ENDRussian State S.A. Gerasimov
Institute of Cinematography
Tell us, dear, where
do you have your church?
Over there, on the other side of the village.
Where are you from?
From Kalinka village.
Don't you have a church over there?
They've shut it, a month ago.
We don't have a priest any more.
How come?
We don't know. He just disappeared.
Now we'll be attending your services.
Today's Intercession Day.
What's the father's name here?
Father Alexander.
Thank you!
Term Project  by Maria Mozhar
Student of Movie Directors Department
Diploma Project  by Vitaliy Yershov
Student of Camera Operators' Department
The Fascist! The Fascist!
Get her!!! Get her!!!
Well, you've licked the whole table clean now, huh?
But there are so many crumbs!
Pasha, go take this to that girl,
she's got nothing to eat...
I won't. Let her find her own food.
I'll eat it!
Go and take it to her!
Daughter, would you? Please?
Vasya, but she's all hungry there!
Come on, take it over to her!
Hang on, I'll add some buttermilk, too.
There we go.
Come on now...
Hello, Ma'am!
One should eat at home!
Come on, take it! Don't be afraid!
There you go! Good girl!
What are you staring at, you dunce?
Go on your way!
Oh, you've dropped it?
No worries, I've got it!
Come in, come in,
don't be afraid! I'll give you another one!
Mother's calling you home!
She's our Mom, not yours!
Get lost, you Fascist!
Your father has killed our father!
Watch out, I'll teach you a lesson now!
Come on, get her!
Hello there!
Lord, have mercy upon me!
Lord have...
Have you found her?
Did you check behind the barn?
Come here for a second
Can you read that?
It's all blurry.
It's a "Killed in Battle" notice...
It's one of Stapanida's guys...
But I can't see the name...
I can't see, either.
Could be Stepanida's husband or her son...
Hey, where are you going!?
Stepanida's guys both have the same name.
Yes, both the son and the husband...
That's right...
And they've been both "Missing in Action"...
Yes, but I can't read about
whom this notice is...
Can't read the name!
Well, just leave it then!
Wait, wait, Zina! Stepanida's in bad health now...
She's been having heart problems...
Let's wait for a couple of days
Give it to her when she feels better
You're right, I'll give it to her later then...
Hold it! Hold it!
Where do you think you are going!?
March on to your homes now!
Come on, come on, kids, hurry up!
God be with you! Com on!
Hey, Stepanida! How are you feeling today?
Oh, much better, thank you!
Could barely breathe, but now's much better!
Well, great!... Good to hear that!
- Avdotya!
- Huh?
Why don't you feed your kids at home?
I keep seeing your Vasya running about
with a bowl in the streets
and eating from it, poor fellow!
Would be better if you fed him at home!
Really!? Oh, this.... Oh, God, I cannot believe this!
Look what I've got for you!
Take it! It's yours!
Take this ribbon, it's yours now!
Look how pretty it is!
There! It's over there!
I'll braid that hair...
And put it on the head now...
What have we got here?
A doll!
But who do I give it to?...
Maybe I should break it?
What a pity there's no little girl around here!
Or else I'd give it to her!
But alas, there's no little girl...
Well, I'll leave it to myself then...
And I'll play with it.
Will be my toy then...
What a beautiful little girl!
And what's your name?
The Fascist.
The Fascist?
...And remember: every person
is given a name by God Himself.
Yeah, everybody knows that!
Did you see that!
Can you believe it!?
Did you hear what that weirdo did?
He baptized the Fascist.
You're kidding!
Uh-huh! Called her Anna.
Yes, after her deceased mother.
We got you now! Give us the doll now!
I won't!
Give it to us or you'll regret it!
I won't!
Give it to us now!
Hey you, Fascist, are you nuts?!

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