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Маму нужно любить

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The first and last reels
are missing from this film.
A Shochiku Film
A Mother Should be Loved
Original story by Shutaro Komiya
Screenplay by Tadao Ikeda
Photographed by Isamu Aoki
Directed by Yasujiro Ozu
Yukichi Iwata Mitsuko Yoshikawa
Den Obinata Hideo Mitsui
A very nice house in a residential area.
At the breakfast table,
father promises to take his sons
to Shichirigahama on Sunday
After the father and children leave,
his high school friend, Ozaki,
calls to see if he will
join the class reunion.
Mother receives a disturbing phone call,
informing her that he has collapsed.
She calls her sons' school
to bring them home.
Go home now.
Something's happened to your father.
What's the matter with our father?
I'm afraid we won't be
going to the beach now...
Was your father fine this morning?
No one knows...
Mr. Okazaki is here to see you.
Destiny is unpredictable. The one
who rowed with us at school is dead...
Uncle from Bancho
acts like he's our father.
I'd like to talk to you about this...
It's not that serious, but...
You might chide me, but I have a
request. I ask as your husband's friend.
It's about the older son, Sadao.
Please raise him as your own son,
as you've done till now.
I never treat Sadao differently
from Kosaku.
I can swear it
in front of my dead husband,
and his late, first wife.
Study hard and become a great man
as your father was.
It'll be hard for you...
But I am looking forward to the time
when they grow up.
I'm afraid our mother's at home,
crying again.
Her nose gets red when she cries.
Time passes so quickly. Kosaku,
will be in 4th grade at high school.
It is very sweet of him. He sent you
a postcard on his school trip.
I haven't visited Kajiwara recently.
I'll drop by today.
I got a letter from Kosaku.
They're growing up.
You must be happy.
Sadao just scolded me severely.
You were discreet,
so he never suspected his upbringing.
But he saw his birth certificate
when registering for college.
I've never seen such a sad face
in his entire life...
Your mother is worried about you.
Be kind to her like you used to be.
She kept it secret because
she wanted you as her own son.
Did she have any other choice?
You also deceived me along with her!
You can't hide something
like this forever.
Why didn't you tell me?
I was bound to find out eventually!
I feel like I've been tricked.
I wouldn't have been selfish if I'd known.
I wouldn't have been impudent
without knowing more...
How can you say that to a mother
who gave you everything?
Wake up and listen to me!
Has your mother ever treated you
and Kosaku differently?
Her only wish is that
both of you become great men.
Don't you realize
the love she has for you?
I'm sorry, Uncle.
Well, as long as you understand.
You'll never row well
if you're narrow minded.
I'm very sorry, mother!
I'm truly your son.
I won't keep any secrets from now on.
Let's move to the suburbs
once Kosaku enters college.
Kosaku, help me!
Dad smoked cigars
and often switched pipes.
A long gray hair.
He wore this hat at the flower exhibition.
Exactly a year before he died.
A splendid house!
You get so much sunshine...
Don't overdo it. It's a tiny house.
But, it's convenient
and easy to take care of.
My husband was fond of this.
Please put it in your room.
It's been almost one year
since Uncle died.
One's life is so fragile...
Everyone returns to the earth
in the end...
In college, uncle was the cox
and Father was 5th oar.
The current Minister of Commerce
was No. 4 oar.
I wish my husband could have
seen Kosaku at college.
The ship leaves at 10 o'clock.
Let me ask my brother to come with us.
We're taking a round trip to Izu.
Why not join us?
You're taking more leave from school?
As long as mother agrees, go.
I've got things to do.
Have a safe trip.
Anyway, we should get him
out of the whorehouse.
We can't leave Hattori as he is.
Let me go!
Hattori can't
Маму нужно любить

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