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А вдруг получится!

MontrSoyuzmultfilm presents
- Well, I really must go.
To my nest.
"What if it works?"
Screenwriter: G.Oster
Producer: I.Ufimtsev
Art director: L.Shvartsman
Assistant: N.Titov, Camera: V.Sidorov
Animator: S.Olifirenko
Composer: G.Gladkov
Sound: B.Filchikov
Editor: G.Filatova
Script editor: N.Abramova
Voices: N.Rumyanova, M.Kozakov
V.Livanov, V.Larionov
Puppets and decorations:
P.Gusev, O.Masainov, M.Koltunov
V.Grishin, M.Chesnokova, N.Andreyeva
S.Znamenskaya, V.Alisov, S.Etlis
Director: G.Kovrov
- Good-bye, Monkey.
Have a good one, Python!
Elephant... Cheers!
- What's in your nest?
- Everything.
- Will you be back soon?
- I doubt it. The nest is far away.
First I'll walk-walk-walk that way.
Stay for a bit.
Then walk-walk-walk back.
I'll return the day after tomorrow.
Have fun without me.
- Why did he go on foot,
beg your pardon?
- Who's going to give him a ride?
- No, I mean... why didn't he fly?
- Good point.
- We should tell him.
- We need to bring him back.
- Bring him back? Here you go.
- Odd.
It seems that I got lost.
- Listen, Parrot.
Why don't you... fly?
- Why don't I... what?
- Fly!
Flap-flap and you're there.
- Meaning?
- Flap once, flap twice...
won't that be nice?
- Have you... Have you gone mad?
- Well, don't you have these,
beg your pardon, these...
- What "these?"
- Well, these.
- Wings? I do. So what?
- So fly!
- Fly!
- Where?
- To your nest.
Flap-flap, and you're there!
- No-no-no. No thanks.
Thanks, but I'd rather walk.
- Perhaps you don't know how?
- Me?
- You.
- Don't know. I've never tried.
- Why don't you try?
- I'm scared.
- What are you scared of?
- What if it works?
- That's not scary at all.
- Oh yeah? Not scary? And you?
You, you! Have you tried?
- Me? No.
- Ah, "no." Why don't you try first,
then you can tell me how it is.
- I know how it is!
You have to jump up and down.
- And flap your wings! Like this.
- Come on! Come on, come on!
- Well?
What now?
- He needs to take a running start.
- No, let's push him off something.
- What do you mean push off?
- From the elephant!
- I don't want to be pushed off!
I'll fall down!
- You'll fly!
- What makes you think so?
- Because we believe in you!
Believing in yourself, my friend
is vital and contagious
- You do not sway, you do not bend,
you dare to be courageous!
- But if you're feeling full of doubt
If you delay and mill about
Just get a grip and bite your lip
And do it -- don't complain!
- So face your fears with a smirk,
- Just do it, it is bound to work!
- What happens if it doesn't work?
- You'll try it once again.
- Myself! I'll do it myself!
- See, and you were scared!
- Let's try this again.
Three! Two! One!
Let's go!
- The wings!
- Wings!
- That's right! Come on!
- He's doing it!
- He's flying!
- The eagle has soared!
- How come you didn't
fly to your nest?
- Oh, I already got there
and back, you know.
- Please, I beg you!
Fly some more.
- Enough! Enough.
- The important part is
to "believe in yourself."
And I now believe in myself just fine.
The end.
(cc) by-sa, Montr

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