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Завещание профессора Доуэля

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Second Artistic Association
Based on the novel by A. Belyaev
"Professor Dowell's Head"
Screenplay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Vladimir KOVZEL
Production Designer
Music by Sergei BONEVICH
Sound by Oksana STRUGINA
English subtitles by
Tatiana Kameneva
Olgert KRODERS as Dowell
Igor Vassiliev as Korn
Valentina TITOVA as Laurent
Natalya Saiko as
Angelica, Monica, Eve
A. BOBROV as Arthur
N. LAVROV as Baxter
E. ROMANOV as Richardson
B. TSIMBA as Willie
This new solution is producing
structural transformations.
I repeat.
Structural transformations.
We need to find the exact formula
for the solution.
The exact formula.
The cause of the problem!
I continue to work with the brain.
The moment of death is
persistently coming back.
My stumbling block is being
able to control the psyche.
- Good morning, Marie.
- Good morning.
- The monkey's blood pressure's up.
- It's the weather.
- Have you seen him today?
- Not yet.
You know, there's no money left.
We'll have to do it.
It's stifling in here.
Must be unbearable at noon.
- Any news?
- The instructions are clear, Gould.
Dowell's work interests
the people at the top.
Did you find out anything
about that doctor?
He was a surgeon
in a provincial clinic.
Dowell had broken a bone or
something, and he fixed it.
Dowell said that Korn is
an incredibly gifted surgeon.
They worked together
for three years.
"Professor Dowell's Memorial Day".
How pretentious!
I'm a friend.
- Your invitation?
- What? I said I was a friend.
Wait a second.
Arthur! Yes, it is Arthur!
You made it at last.
- I am so glad to see you!
- I've been waiting for you.
Such a tragedy. It's awful...
They've gotten pretty strict here.
- Hasn't changed that much.
- It's as if he were still here.
I never knew you were capable
of crying.
Yes, Laurent has no tears.
You resemble your father a lot,
How did it happen?
Your father had been working
day and night for quite a while.
His brain was working well,
as he said.
One day, he drove away at dawn.
He used to relax while driving.
The car skidded during a rainstorm.
Where did it happen?
On the North Road,
close to Big Canyon.
I didn't know where to find you.
I was hoping you'd read about it
and come.
Where I was, civilization exists,
but only in the form of napalm.
I guess you never got married?
No, I devoted my life to him,
and I don't regret it.
He ruined my mother's life, too.
Sorry, but she never
understood him.
No, of course not, Professor
Dowell! The great Dowell!
The pure fundamental science
for the happiness of humanity.
But one day those noble ideas are
appropriated by people in uniform.
Then it's strontium in the bones,
children born with two heads.
I have seen all that.
How is your film going?
It's ready, but they're not
too willing to show it.
Your father never got over your
leaving. He was a very honest man.
Sure. Another honest professor
never thought his work would
lead to an atomic bomb.
This way, please.
Just before his death
the professor thought
his work had reached
an impasse.
I have succeeded in overcoming it
and continued the work he started.
This way, please.
Lilly is the most precious member
of our collection.
For 32 days her head has been
living on another monkey's body.
How do you deal with
organ rejection?
We have developed a serum
which is given to the recipient
and to the donor.
That is one of the aspects
of our research.
The uniting of electronic and
biological elements
opens up enormous horizons
for us.
Tell me, could one perform
the same experiment
on the human brain?
Oh... in principle, yes.
And what do you think of the
moral aspects of such experiments?
Moral problems that arise
when any breakthrough is made
have no direct relation
Завещание профессора Доуэля

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