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Forest Tales
Ladybug! ... with the black head...
Let us fly over the sea.
It is cold here.
It will be warm there.
Come out...
Even she doesn't hear me.
All the fireflies have gone out to dance, yet I must sit...
This is all nanny's fault.
"Don't walk barefoot on the dew, child, you'll catch a cold"
So I sit.
How I want to run... wherever my eyes will take me.
Maybe to the edge of the world.
My nanny is a barbarous snail.
She's nasty.
"Drink your warm milk,
my little light - drink!"
Drink it yourself!
I'll start mooing because of that milk soon.
I drink and drink...
yet I still can't fly, only my heels itch.
It's she who always yawns so loud.
And the ladybug always stomps on the roof...
with her big hooves... the blunderer.
She's hurrying to the dance.
How dark it is!
Fireflies! Brothers...
Where are you?
Nobody hears me.
All right. I'll show myself to you. Nanny says:
"How can you be a firefly? You're a small grasshopper."
You all think you're so smart.
Where are you off to?
Where are you going?
To the edge of the world!
That nanny...
she's running after me.
She's running so hard that the earth is shaking.
Even these monsters aren't scarier.
Why don't you try and touch me?
I'm scary... and terrible.
After some warm milk.
How black you are...
What is this you have?
What is that light?
How it shines...
Where are you...
flying off to?
How much light there is in the world...
the dew drips, the tree shines... but as
soon as you touch it, it goes away.
Where is the real light?
What are you doing?
So you frightened me.
Then you swam off into the waves.
Swim with the current, swim...
You think I'm small, so anyone can eat me?
What wonders...
Where are you going?
She ran away.
Nanny can frighten anyone.
I'll jump right into the sun!
I'm all wet, help me!
Look, what a nice...
...dinner's come to us.
-It's not fair. Not fair at all...
It's me, mister...
...I like warm milk.  I'll be good from now on.
That's an idea.
He... shines.
Put on...
the woolen socks.
All year I'll drink milk, even
at summertime, but help...
Who are you?
I'm the scary and terrible...
-not scary!
I'm the terrible flea!
I'll bite you, you can't hide!
I'm scary!
Everyone is afraid of me! Understand?
Are you able to shine?
I hate the light!
The light makes me... thirsty! Urges me to bite something!
Understand? To destroy things!
Hey, wait! What're you doing?
He's gone. He ran away.
What are these mountains called?
Perhaps... they'll grow to the sky,
and I'll ask the sun how to find your
own light rather than someone else's
and become a real firefly, to
fly as your own star at night
as a star...
Don't be afraid. That's my nanny
running, shaking the whole forest.
Who are you?
I'm a firefly.
All fireflies are asleep, but you're taking a walk.
A bug. -A firefly.
Wait, wait, wait...
He's flown away...
Where is...
Now, now...
you've come back.
You've accomplished your goal.
You've flown high.
The crescent was again lying on the grass.
Little creatures were arguing and stomping their feet,
and walking through the forest around our house.
The baby drank warm milk and honey.
And I thought...
how wonderful it is to live on this world,
even if you're truly a grasshopper,
when you have a house,
a forest,
a nanny,
a golden candle glowing at home...
Let it glow.
Let it glow for those who find it dark at night,
and sometimes even scary.
A ladybug,
with a black head,
flew across the sea,
but it's not too far for me,
Here it's cold,
there it will be warm.
studio "Belarusfilm", 1996.
Subtitles by Niffiwan

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