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Brenda. Brenda.
- Brenda.
- Yes?
- Mrs. Doyle?
- Yes?
- Can I help you?
- I am Art Dodge from Art's Gallery on Lincoln Road.
- I have Mr. Doyle's painting.
- Painting?
Yeah, the one
he bought last week.
My husband?
Benjamin Doyle?
Please accept my condolences.
He was a wonderful man, a wonderful man.
I never knew Benjamin
to be interested in art.
He was.
He really was.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Business letter?
- What business?
I'm writing my mother for money.
I've given up asking you.
- Any calls?
- No.
- Come on. None?
- Power and Light, Ma Bell, Sammy's Deli.
I don't want to know.
I'm dead.
- Well, that should simplify matters for somebody.
- Who?
Hillerman. He says he's gonna kill you
for up to six months' back rent.
- You remind me of my father.
- Is that a proposition?
Come on.
You both love to read
the obituaries.
- Hola, Conchita.
- Ah, Mrs...
- Uh, Miss Kerner, please come in.
- Thank you.
- The service is private.
- I'd like to see Mr. Palletto.
- El senor?
- El senor.
- I'm afraid that's not possible.
- What's the matter, Conchita?
Excuse me, I am Art Dodge
from Art's Gallery on Lincoln Road...
and I have the painting
Mr. Palletto bought last week.
I said I'd
deliver it today.
- I think you better come in.
- Sure.
You want me to believe
my dad bought that?
Oh, it was your father?
I-I'm sorry. Eh, well, maybe...
Maybe this is not
the right moment, but yeah.
Last Monday
at my gallery.
That's strange.
Last Monday Dad was in a hospital.
- Did I say "last Monday"?
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe... maybe it was
two Mondays ago.
All I know is it was
definitely a Monday.
What's definite is you're
a son of a bitch...
with no respect
for a dead man...
or his family's
But you're lucky.
I'm going to help you understand
what suffering is.
Eh... I-I-I can come back
another time.
My father hated
modern art.
He thought the people
who made it were pansies...
and the people
who bought it were suckers.
But they love it.
When they get through
with you...
your face is gonna look
like a Picasso.
Wait, wait, wait.
Maybe this is all
a big misunderstanding.
What did you say
your father's name was?
Let me in.
- I'm sorry, Mama.
- Thank you. Thank you, dear.
Thanks for coming,
Good-bye, Gene.
You have my
deepest sympathy.
No. You have mine.
I hope time heals all your...
- You're pushing it, pal.
- Pain.
Maria, take care
of Mama.
Betty. Betty.
We need to talk.
I have nothing to say to you, Gene. I
only came out of respect for your father.
Well, Betty, look.
I'm in bad shape.
I'm at home crying my eyes out,
and you're out having a good time.
I'd be having a better time if you
didn't follow me everywhere I went.
You know the happiest day
of my father's life?
The day you and I
got married.
- You know the happiest day of my life?
- What?
The day we got divorced.
- Now get out of my way and leave me alone, you big bully.
- Ooh. Ow.
Betty, Betty.
I'm seeing Dr. Huffeyer.
Oh, great.
That's just great.
Out of all the shrinks in Miami,
you have to go see mine?
Well, I'm not gonna see him anymore because
I don't want to share anything with you...
- not even this planet!
- He's helping me change.
- I'm channeling all my anger
into some positive crap.
Listen to me, damn it!
I've changed! Ow!
I love you!
You can come out now.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
That was exciting,
with those big lugs looking for you...
and Gene standing there
not knowing you were in the back seat.
I had a hunch something great
was gonna happen today.
- It did. I'm still alive.
- Yeah.
- Sorry.
- For now. Thanks to you.
I'm Betty.
Betty Kerner.
- Art Dodge.
- It's really nice to meet you, Art.
Same here, Betty.
I guess you are not
going downtown, right?
Let me see if you got this right.
- Arriba.

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