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Based on the works of Ray Bradbury"
"VELDT - The name given to the
wild steppes of South Africa"
Petya, it's all exactly like I told you.
Just like last time.
I saw a knight in full armor,
so help me God!
Let's get off, have a look? -What's the
use? I looked last time, there was nothing.
This damn place. I don't even want
to stop here, it gives me the creeps.
There's an abandoned graveyard here.
-But we hit someone! -Someone, sure.
I signaled him, he could have
swerved if he'd wanted to. -Hey, look!
Ah, that's Hernando Latinez.
He's always here at the graveyard.
Come on, stop it, let's go.
Well, I have to go, Son.
Hey, who's there?
Hernando, Hernando!
I'm here, Dear, I'm here.
So how is our Tom, our little boy?
He's fine, Cora. He's asleep.
Did you kiss him for me? -I did.
Good. Let him sleep.
What was that? -God only knows.
Mike, Mike...
I can't take it, Mike!
-What's the matter, Linda?
What's the matter? Come on.
-They roar!
They're roaring, Mike!
Linda, wake up! Who's roaring?
-The lions!
What lions? -In the nursery!
-The nursery?
Did you hear that?
You heard that, didn't you?
Where are you going?
I'm going to go see
what the hell's going on there.
Ladies first.
-No no, you go ahead.
What's this?
Look! Lions!
They're eating something.
-Some kind of animal.
Filthy creatures.
Watch out!
Idiots! We're idiots, look at us!
I don't see why you're laughing.
They, they almost got us.
What are you talking about, Linda?
Are you insane? They're just walls!
Regular television walls!
They're just for fun!
Fun? You saw the lions!
They looked almost real!
Those, those horrible eyes, they're...
They're horribly life-like!
Are you serious, Linda? -No!
No, Michael. This really is serious.
Don't you see? Ever since we got that
room, something's happened to the kids.
They, they've changed.
They're nothing like they used to be.
I don't even recognize them anymore.
There's so much hate in their eyes.
Evil. God! I'm afraid of them!
Can you imagine?
I'm afraid of my own children.
No, we have to do something, or...
Michael, what was that?
-Relax, Linda.
The lamp just burned out. Let's go.
Michael, I'm begging you.
Tell Peter and Wendy never to play these
terrible, disgusting games anymore.
Okay. -And lock the nursery,
at least for a few days.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't keep myself together, Michael.
You're always busy, and I'm
going through something terrible.
Why do they love that veldt so much?
Those lions can't get out
of there, can they?
Uh, no. No, of course not.
What are you saying. No.
Goddamn it. That's some dream.
Damn animals.
Go away! I command you!
Show Sweden!
Good morning. -Good morning.
The room's out of order.
It won't respond.
Or? -Or what?
-Or it can't respond.
The children have thought about lions
and killing for so many days,
The room's in a rut.
Could be.
-Or Peter's set it to remain that way.
Set it? -Yes.
He may have got into the
machinery and fixed something.
Peter doesn't know machinery.
Still. Still, for a fifteen-year-old...
Will you stop that!
Give me a kiss!
I'm going to eat you up!
Good morning, Mother.
-Good morning, Peter.
So, come on, tell us about the nursery.
The nursery? -Yes, the nursery.
All about Africa and everything.
I don't understand.
There's no Africa in the nursery.
Oh, come now, Peter. We know better.
I don't remember any Africa. Do you?
Well, isn't that nice.
Maybe we imagined it all?
Because of our insomnia, yes?
Quit fooling around, Michael! Can't
you see, he's lying! And making her lie!
Wendy, why don't you run and see
if there's any Africa in the nursery.
Wendy, come back here!
-She'll look and come tell us.
She doesn't have to tell me, I've seen
it. -I'm sure you're mistaken, Father.
I'm not, Peter. Let's go.
So, is Africa there?
We'll see about this.
Clever. -What are you saying, Dad?
I'm saying it's time you went to school.

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