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Cinematography Department
of the Ministry of Culture, Russia
with participation of
Lidia BOBROVA's film
- Be quiet!
- We are quiet!
Get out of the house!
Out, are you deaf?
Out! Now!
I won't pass my exam tomorrow!
You'll pass it all right,
Don't let them back until
evening. And let Taika sleep.
Nursery rhyme
Many years have passed
My darling daughter,
don't cry
Have you told her?
Mummy dear... Ivan is going
into hospital...
For an operation...
Taia will take Vera while
I'm in hospital.
No less than two months...
What about me?
I'll take you to your
sister Anna.
I've written her already.
I won't give her away
to anyone. I pity her.
Oh, come on.
You'll leave the gas on -
and half the house will blow up.
Or flood it with water.
I'm not that helpless.
I do still look after
You can hardly move around.
You need care yourself.
I'm still on my feet.
I won't give my daughter away.
You women, you won't manage
without me.
Stop it...
When Ivan is out of hospital,
we'll take you back.
Oh I pity you.
It's all right.
- Come here...
- When am I leaving?
Thank you, my dear Mom...
Four officers got blown up
in Grozny
on a distance-controlled
the number of victims amounts
to 11 people this week.
The mine war is going on
in Chechnya...
Is it still far?
Relax. We'll get there.
What are these?
Houses of 'new Russians'.
Which Russians?
Like us?
Co-produced by Jean BREHAT
Produced by Andrey ZERTSALOV
Script by Lidia BOBROVA
Director of Photography
Art Director Pavel NOVIKOV
Sound by Maxim BELOVOLOV
Edited by Tatiana BYSTROVA
Here we are. Out you get.
Anybody home?
Victor! Get up!
Make your aunt welcome!
Is he still alive?
He's breathing...
Get up! Get up!
Uh, the devil! You've
come back again!
Not again -just for a visit.
Now you'll get it
on your ugly face!
- Victor, calm down...
- Who are you?
I'm your aunt.
- Is the horned one with you?
- Me, a horned one?
I am a man enough to give
horns to anyone.
- So who is this then?
- This is Ivan.
Ivan indeed.
Bloody hell, I took you
for the devil.
You've drunk your brains out.
- Ivan!
- Come on...
Say hello to your aunt Tosia.
That's good.
I just can't be alone here.
This place is haunted.
- Where's Mother?
- Whose mother?
Yours. Her name's Anna.
- She's got out of harm's way.
- I must be off now.
Will you come back
to take me home?
You are my very welcome one.
I'll go look for your Mom.
Are you looking for someone?
Nanny Tosia, my sister.
She's the one who nursed me.
My neighbor Valya. We get along
better than a family.
- We could've been your family.
- What family?
My son and her daughter
Lisa were in love.
He has no one to blame.
Can't he forget Lisa
and marry someone else?
- Sonny, are we rehearsing?
- We are.
Nikolai our head of cultural
affairs here.
We're having a festival soon...
Look - she is graceful
like a Swan Princess.
Where is Victor?
Here is a bindweed
Green and curly one
Where shall I put it?
Green and curly one
Perchance I'll put it
- You like it?
- Oh yeah.
I'll put it
on my right shoulder
And from my right shoulder
I'll place it on my left one
It fits her all right!
Buy it, man!
Yury Ivanov,
10 years old
Sasha Semenov, 7 years old
Here he is.
That's just great!
- Where are your pictures, Victor?
- Burnt them when drunk.
Nevermind. Let's go inside
before all the seats are taken.
Victor, my friend!
You're here too!
He who drinks
is no friend to us.
But I don't drink 15 days
I drink three days
and then take hair of the dog.
- Fifteen days, Victor.
- Give me a break, marmalade.
- Mother! Father!
- Here we are!
Daughter, you better quit
this train business of yours.
The kids are unattended
for two weeks at a time.
It's the most
profitable journey!
You can't earn all

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