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EndGorky Film Studio
Screenplay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
All kinds of bizarre things are there,
In this world they come our way,
The traces of the past time everywhere,
But we are responsible for today.
We are to make a house grow
In the days to come, remembering
the past,
Our life is fun and adventure, though,
Though it's so tempting, and we
just must
If only take one single look,
One single look at the future age
And read, like in a book,
What awaits man at that stage.
Natasha GUSEVA
as Alice Seleznyova
Also starring
Sasha GUSEV as Gerasik
Vyacheslav NEVINNY as Gromozeka
Boris SHCHERBAKOV as Seleznyov
Vyacheslav BARANOV as Green
Svetlana KHARITONOVA as Baba Yaga
lgor YASULOVICH as Kashchei
Viktor PAVLOV as Man-eater
Sergey NIKONENKO as Horse-eater
Vladimir NOSIK
as Magician Uuuh
as Frog Princess
Moscow time: 7:45.
Here is the latest news.
Chukotka's farmers have grown
a generous harvest of pineapples.
The first shipment of the fruit
has been sent to kindergartens.
Young geologist Kolia Gerasimov
discovered on Ganimed
a diamond 1foot 8 inches in diameter.
How are we doing?
All systems of the ship
are functioning normally.
- Course?
- O.K.
- Speed?
- O.K.
- Fuel consumption?
- O.K.
- Keep it up!
- Yes, Captain.
And now weather forecast.
No precipitation is expected in Moscow
today, moderate south-east wind,
the temperature -
+ 18 C.
Information for mushroom gatherers.
Tomorrow a sunshower is
expected, of 22-minute duration.
Alice, how soon?
Have a little patience.
How are we doing?
Approaching dead reckoning position.
You'll meet your friend,
and I'll fly on.
We'll expect you back in two months.
In 66 days.
Yes, in 66 days,
3 hours and 8 minutes.
- You're a pedant, Green.
- I like precision and order.
You had better spent
the vacation at the seaside.
It would have been good for Alice.
She looks pale.
But you keep dragging her with you.
She was dreaming
of this expedition.
- A child shouldn't rummage in dust.
- I promised her.
Everybody please come to the table.
Dinner is ready.
At last.
Alice, you're a genius.
I tried my best,
it's our farewell dinner.
Captain, we're hungry.
Please sit down.
What is this?
It's impossible.
Don't be scared. She's flying with me.
Throw this filth overboard now.
It's not filth, it's a frog.
And not an ordinary frog,
but a bewitched princess.
And you wanted to kill her.
You wanted to throw her
into the black outer space.
Excuse us, Your Highness,
the captain has awful manners.
Alice, why did you bring
a frog onto the ship?
Daddy, you surprise me.
Magician Uuuh from the era of
legends gave her to me. It's simple.
Seleznyov, doesn't
Alice worry you?
Some strange fantasies -
princesses, magicians.
Eat this delicious salad.
Alice tried to please you.
Bewitched princesses,
witches and magicians
really could have lived
in the era of legends.
Nobody saw them.
Where have they disappeared then?
Don't you know?
They became extinct.
How do you know about them
if they are extinct?
From fairy tales.
It's simple.
Don't be afraid. I put her in a jar.
I'm not afraid.
Only I've hated since childhood
all kinds of worms, frogs and...
I'm afraid for you.
I think that only love
can save her.
Sure. But where can we
find a worthy prince?
she's so fastidious.
It's here again.
I can't go on like this.
I can't eat a thing.
Don't worry, Green.
Soon we'll say goodbyes,
and you'll again have quiet and
your beloved order on the Pegasus.
A spaceship
right off our course.
There we go.
Dad, it is our Gromozeka!
The set of coordinates information.
Yes, Captain.
- Radio contact.
- Right, Captain.
Gromozeka, this is Pegasus.
Seleznyov is on line.

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