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ENDIt's winter again.
This all happened long ago.
I remember some of it.
And there were my father's stories.
I'm beginning to forget it all, though.
But sometimes, when I'm reading or writing,
I'll suddenly hear a child's footsteps - my own -
in the flat's long corridor, or recall...
the smell of Lapshin's cigarettes.
I know you'll think we were very poor.
The streets of our little town
were crooked...
and swept by icy winds.
But we were confident. We could tackle anything.
We were all in there together. Understand?
A new arch was put up in the park.
and the men passed under it instead of...
taking a short cut to work.
If a new steamer was launched,
everyone was there to see it.
If the piers needed painting,
everyone pitched in.
There were flowers and banners,
We lived in the hinterland,
but that didn't matter.
That's my grandson.
He's a good boy.
This will be a sad tale.
One's memory can conjure up...
forgotten faces, scraps of conversation -
It's my declaration of love...
for the people I lived with as a child,
just a five minutes' walk from here...
and half a century ago.
Based on stories by Yuri German
This is me. I'm 9 years old.
Extension 7? May I speak to -
My name?
Leave him out of it, Okoshkin
This is my father.
A Messerschmitt's zeroing in!
Chief Accountant Jatiev and
Inspector Tochilin...
are putting on a show.
The theme is:
"An Italian fascist pilot over Abyssinina".
These sketches were popular back in 1935.
The big, echoing, run-down...
flat we shared, where my father...
and I had a room adjoining the kitchen.
Directed by Alexei German
I'll bomb 'em! I'll kill 'em!
What a beast.
I'm bailing out!
Il Duce? That butcher.
What a beast.
They're real pros.
I saw a skit like it in Guryev.
Send the car over to Lapshin's place.
I love airplanes.
"My pal took a train -"
You know how their generals' minds work?
The Polish Army reached Moscow in 1606.
And had to retreat. Then Napoleon -
"My money's down the drain. "
There was this daft old girl, a patient of mine.
She was running a temperature and then died.
It's 37.7 degrees. Just like your old girl.
Hello, Vasya.
Ever been to Borzhomi?
It's a lovely place, mountain air and all.
You must go there one day.
It's the All-Union spa, eh?
- I'm not a Party member.
- Were you expelled?
No.  I'm married to
a priest's daughter.
She happens to be a good woman.
I'm 40. You're married to
a priest's daughter.
And you're from Mugginsk, right?
Chief Inspector Lapshin of the CID...
turned 40 that day.
Patrikeyevna baked him a pie,
and my father and I...
gave him a cigarette-case.
It was snowing. Everyone spoke
of war being imminent.
They never think of strategy,
but they'd better,
what with the Baltic Zone.
What's "zone"?
Ask your dad.
I'd like to speak to Klava, the weigher.
You want something weighed?
What? I'm the store-keeper.
Where've you been, Klava?
Go on, shoot her and then shoot yourself.
We've got flowers and bright lights.
Where've you been Klava?
Thirty two -
I've got a fine husband for you:
an old fireman.
For shame!
Thirty-five... I'm dead.
I like marches.
They reflect the country's youth.
"We're flying into battle -"
Ivan -
"Our squadron's last
"And deadly battle. "
Egorov, the heavy-weight champ.
It's been snowing
Yes. And Ivan and I are 40.
- I make a good salad.
- Too much bother.
There's a bulb on the right.
Au revoir-reservoir-samovar.
Will you come to visit me, Ivan?
We'll go for a wagon-ride.
Sorry, no time for rides.
Well, anyway -
Nice party.
Khokhryakov's a snake.
Yeah, we're the only decent chaps.
There's no sugar left.
Time for bed, Alexander.
The stewed fruit took all the sugar.
Two pounds of sugar? I'm not that rich.
Don't shout at me.
I'll report you to Comrade Kalinin.
Go right ahead.
That won't do, Alexander.
I'll report you. I'll say
you've eaten your husband.
I've got a file on you!

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