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Come, spirit.
Help us sing
the story of our land.
You are our mother;
We, your field
of corn.
We rise...
from out of the soul
of you.
Let him go.
You said
to hang him, sir.
Now remember, Smith,
you've come
to these shores in chains.
You're under a cloud
which will darken
considerably if I hear
any more of your
mutinous remarks.
Is that understood?
Captain Newport, sir,
I found oysters.
They're as thick as my hands.
They're the size of stones, sir,
and there's fish everywhere.
They're flapping against your legs.
- We're gonna live like kings.
- All these months at sea...
I'm weary
of looking further.
This place will serve.
We have deep water
to the shore,
we can see up
and down the river.
Our enemies will have
no advantage of surprise.
Bring the anchors
and midsails to shore,
in case some
homesick person
decides to slip
away with them.
We must be careful
not to offend the naturals.
If our crops fail,
we shall be obliged
to trade with them.
Once we're
established here,
we may go
up the river
and seek a route
to the other sea.
The savages often
visit us kindly...
timid, like a herd
of curious deer.
Tonight we shall sleep
aboard our ships,
everyone in full armor.
In the morning,
we will chop down
every tree
within half a mile
of the moorage
and use
the straightest limbs
to erect a line of watchtowers
and to build our fort.
When we have done that,
we set our wheat
and barley,
put up houses
and lay in firewood.
Slackers will be whipped
at the site of their transgression.
- Sir.
- Yes, Emery.
When might we, uh,
be going out to...
poke about, sir?
We are not here
to pillage and raid.
We are here
to establish a colony.
How many lands
behind me?
Gold will do you no good.
Not six months from now,
when the snow has begun to fly.
How many seas?
What blows and dangers?
Fortune ever my friend.
Five kegs is gone since we landed.
Somebody stole 'em.
Rairs gotten to this,
and worms here.
- Brand him.
- And here.
Cut off his ears.
these two, sir,
talking to the men,
Hey, you!
He stole me hatchet!
We've lost the favor
of the naturals.
Had we not sighted land
the day we did,
I would have
turned back.
We have eaten
the majority of our stores,
our best men are
sick with fever,
the rest will soon
breed mutiny.
We might as well
be shipwrecked!
the naturals tell me, uh,
of a city
up the river
and of a mighty king
who lives there.
I propose we send
an envoy to this king
to see whether
he can be persuaded
to trade with us.
Meanwhile, I shall,
uh, return to England
for fresh supplies.
I'll not be back
until spring.
Radcliffe here
will be in command.
As to who
will approach
the savage king,
I needrt tell you
it will be
a hazardous mission.
Captain Smith is the only
professional soldier among us.
Smith, sir?
What are... what are...
what are his
Those you lack.
Smith, you have
an opportunity
to repair
your reputation.
I expect you
to welcome it.
Who are you
whom I so faintly hear?
Who urge me ever on?
You have the makings
of a leader, Smith.
Can one rely on you?
What voice is this
that speaks within me...
guides me
towards the best?
We shall make
a new start.
A fresh beginning.
Here the blessings
of the earth
are bestowed
upon all.
None need grow poor.
Here there is
good ground for all,
and no cost
but one's labor.
We shall build
a true commonwealth,
hard work and
self-reliance our virtues.
We shall have
no landlords
to rack us
with high rents
or extort
the fruit of our labor.
Captain, we haven't
the draft to go any further.
Put in.
None shall eat up
what his friends
got won'thily
or steal away that which virtue
has stored up.
Men shall not
make each other their spoil.
Let's go back, sir,
gather a larger party.
We're lost.
There the naturals go!
Let him go!
Tide's run out, Captain.

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