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Конец света

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youOculus Deum.
She must be killed !
She was chosen
to bear his child.
If she lives to bring about the End of Days,
there will be no redemption.
All our souls
Will perish.
Okay, now give me a big push.
That's it.
You're doing great.
That's it. Okay, stop pushing.
...five, six, seven--
I have the baby's head.
Don't push yet.
One little push oughta finish this off.
One little push.
You have
a beautiful baby girl.
She's so beautiful!
She's so beautiful !
Just gonna take her
and clean her up.
Not yet.
Hospital rules.
Please. You'll have her back
before you know it.
Here she is.
All fresh and clean.
You thought of a name for her yet ?
Her name is Christine.
Happy birthday,
WBAZ time is 8:06.
Three more nights, New York.
Three more nights left in the century.
Three more nights left
in the millennium.
Three more nights
until every computer fails.
Three more nights until the biggest
celebration in the history of this city...
starts in Times Square.
Where will you be ?
Hey, Bobby, come over here.
Something weird's goin'on.
- What do you got there, Charlie ?
- I don't know.
Pressure's climbin' off the gauge.
Go the other way !
Excuse me.
What the hell are you--
You're on Gotham Talk.
Say something interesting.
I'm trying to figure out
what everyone'spredicting here.
Is the world going to come to an end
at exactly 12:01 on New Year's, or--
I'll tell you what.
You should play it safe,
not quit your job
just yet.
Tell you something else.
In two more nights,
this place is gonna see
the wildest party ever.
We're gonna be there with the first
hundred callers, we'regonna make the most noise,
and we'regonna be the craziest,
and if the world comes to an end,
what the hell,
we're all gonna be together!
And if it doesn't,
and I don't think it will,
then we'll all have the best time
anybody has ever had.
Let's go. We'regonna be late.
Honey, I'm home.
I Was just
pulling myself together.
It's gonna take
a lot more pulling.
You are looking
very sharp this morning.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
You got about five minutes
to get ready. Here.
There's enough caffeine in this
to kill an elephant.
Oughta get you
- So what's today ?
- Transport.
Anyone special ?
No, just some
Wall Street scumbag.
Why the hell does he need
all this protection ?
Well, I guess he fucked
with some people...
that didn't like
being fucked with.
Personally, I like scumbags.
They pay better.
They say breakfast is the most important
meal of the day.
No, I'm good.
Striker One, F.D.R. Drive--
Follow Three,
F.D.R. south bound.
Striker One, stay close.
Striker Four--
Okay, you zeroes.
These people are
paying us good money.
Get your heads out of your asses and start
earning those paychecks.
Follow Three,
give me a visual sweep.
Striker One,
rooftops 125 to 136 clear.
- Keep them clear.
- Striker Four, advise and contact the--
Follow Three is on approach.
E.T.A., two minutes.
Striker One, Follow Two and Three to report
tight formation. Do you copy ?
- Air One, make a final sweep.
- Roger that.
Follow Three.
We have nest in sight.
Air One, westbound
over zone two.
Ten seconds out.
Roger. Ten seconds.
Follow Three,
we have arrived.
Keep everyone close.
- We're exposed.
- Roger.
Sky Two,
fire escape, southwest corner.
Fire escape's negative.
You're Wrong ! Shooter !
Evac ! Evac !
Get in the car !
Call N.Y.P.D. !
Get me an ambulance !
- What the hell's goin' on?
- I see him! I see him!
Oh, shit ! Tell me you remembered !
Come on !
Get up,
you pussy.
Where's the shooter?
- Headed for the roof.
- So are we.
Sky Two, get the fuck
down here, now !
Come on ! Hurry !
Take us up there !
Move in ! Move in !
- Set us down ! Hurry !
- There's too much crap on that roof !
- We'll tear off the main rotor.
- Then get us down as low as you can !
Hurry now ! Go !
Strap me in !
Конец света

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