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Бегство художника

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Yes, may I help you?
I'd like to see
the city editor, please.
Is it about a job?
No. I have a story for him.
What about?
Well, I'd... I'd like to tell him myself.
- What you got?
- I'd like to issue a formal challenge
- to the police department.
- Yeah?
I'd like to be locked up
in a solitary cell,
chained and handcuffed, no guard,
and I'll set myself free
within an hour.
I haven't heard of an escape artist
since before the days
of flagpole sitters.
Okay, let me see
the soles of your feet.
And the other one.
Scully, use my cuffs, huh?
Thank you.
Give me the other one.
Open your mouth.
Now, stick out your tongue.
Lift it up.
Show me your teeth.
When was the last time
someone broke out of here?
Nervous, Danny?
All right. Get inside.
Haven't you got
some leg irons or chains?
He looks like he's in scout camp.
At least some more handcuffs, then.
- For chrissake, Fritz.
- Okay, Scully.
Put on the leg irons.
And double-cuff him too.
Got any other hot ideas?
You want him strung upside down?
All right. Now, this is a felon cell...
like an old maid's back door.
All right. Everybody out.
The deal is, he's totally alone, Fritz.
One hour.
I know this all seems
like a publicity stunt.
And you're probably wondering
how I got all these people
to lock me up like this.
But you see, my father
was Harry Masters,
the greatest escape artist
in the world after Houdini.
He could open any lock
without a key...
... disappear and reappear.
I guess when you're
really good at escapes,
you figure you
can get away with anything.
They say he became a crook
and died trying
to escape from this jail.
But you can't believe
anything they say,
because this whole town's corrupt.
And the mayor
of this town is a crook.
I know, because I got mixed up
with his crazy son Stu,
and I'm gonna help him
out of a jam
by breaking out of jail. And...
Wait a minute.
I better start this at the part where
I escape from my grandmother's.
My whole family
keeps trying to get away.
After my father died,
my mom ran away from home,
leaving me here stuck
at my grandmother's.
But I'm getting out of here to go
join my aunt and uncle's magic act.
At least it'll be a start.
Then I'm ready for the big time.
All I need is a chance.
And here they are, folks:
Burke and Sibyl.
Two minds with
but a single thought.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The human mind has a wisdom
that we have now
only begun to understand.
We can see the invisible,
can hear the invisible.
What it has taken scientists
thousands of years to discover...
...every generation
have always known.
What is it?
Green pillbox.
A green pillbox.
Is that correct, madam?
That is correct.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Have you ever been separated from
a close friend in a crowded room?
Say, man, whose side are you on?
I'm in Burke Smith's act.
I'm a plant.
- To go home.
- You a houseplant, man?
Or you good outdoors too?
It's time to go home.
C, R, seven, one, seven,
one, zero, eight, zero.
Red and white.
The left-hand upper drawer.
First cousins.
Hello, Danny.
Ladies and gentlemen.
These spirit messages
come through once in a while
by way of the TV antenna
in her head.
And now, getting back to reality.
Ladies and gentlemen,
there is a small card on every table.
Now, we'd like for one person
at each table...
My aunt really could read minds.
But when she did,
it messed up the mental act
and pissed off Uncle Burke.
Now, if you don't have pencils,
the waiters do.
Where are we going
Бегство художника

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