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Visitors, sir. Spanish colors.
A captain among them.
Inform Captain Pellew,
Mr. Hornblower.
Aye aye, sir.
Side boys! Boswain's mates!
Drummers! Man the sides!
-Captain, you said?
-Full dress uniform, sir.
I fear the worst, Mr. Hornblower.
A British supply ship
bound for Gibraltar.
Commander Morris!
-A fair wind at last,Commander.
-In our favour, Captain Foster.
You'll see Gibraltar and the
Dreadnought before mid-day.
Nor before time, Commander,
not before time.
Deck there.
Sail fine off the starboard bow!
Allies, thank goodness.
A Spanish frigate.
Spanish? Never trust the Spanish,
Commander Morris.
Steer well clear of her,
Master Figgis.
-How's your Spanish, Hornblower?
-Not good sir.
Then he'll surely understand French.
Ask him below for a glass of wine.
He declines the offer sir, and says
that the letter is
from the Duke of Belcite.
He insists you open it at once.
Oh, does he?
Does he indeed?
I suppose this means that the Spanish
have made peace with France.
They want us to heave to.
I don't like the smell of this.
Luff and touch her, Master Figgis.
We might be able to outrun
her windward.
Outrun her?  Are you mad?
She'll be on us in minutes.
His excellency, the Duke of Belchite
grandee of the first class
Commander-in-chief of his
Catholic majesty's forces
by land and by sea,
knight of the Most Sacred Order
of the Golden Fleece,
First minister of his most
Catholic majesty,
-Captain General of Andalusia
-Yes, all right, Mr. Hornblower.
I think we've quite established
our friend the Duke's eminence.
-What else does he say?
-Hold your luff, Master Frigus.
-We may outrun them yet.
-Belay that order!
She'll blow us out of the water.
We must turn and
defend ourselves. Let her go off.
-I am in command of this vessel,sir.
-And I am of superior rank
and I assume command of this vessel.
Hard up on the helm!
We are out-manned and outgunned
this is sheer madness!
What? What is he saying?
According to the rules of neutrality,
we have 6 hours before the Spanish
start firing on us, sir.
You tell him, sir
'Darned if I'll let him see
he's made me angry.
-We must surrender before it's too late!
-Hold your course.
You tell him, sir.
You know the kind of thing
I want said
-don't you, Hornblower?
-Yes sir.
Get him over the side, with dignity.
Mr. Bowles,I want to be underway
within the hour,if you please.
Go and jump, men!
Winds of change, Mr. Hornblower.
How quickly friends become enemies
in the teeth of war.
Enemies, sir?  The duke said they
were to be neutral.
A meaningless word.A short step from
there into bed with France
I foresee a day when the
whole of Europe
will be arrayed against us.
We will prevail, sir. They say
we have God on our side.
Really? Then let us pray the Almighty
never chooses to become neutral.
Where is the frigate?
-Where's the frigate?  Answer me!
-You killed us all.
Anybody else?
Anybody else?
Wreckage in the water
to larboard, sir!
-Inform the captain, Mr. Cleveland.
-Aye, aye, sir.
Poor devils.
Looks like one of ours.
A supply ship, sir.
Must have been returning to Gibraltar.
The work of a neutral power,
Mr. Hornblower.
Spanish, sir?
That would be an act of war!
I expected nothing less.
Over there, sir.  Survivors.
Let me see.
Goodness gracious.
Unless my eye deceives me
-Yes, we have an honoured guest.
-Captain Foster, I believe.
-Dreadnought Foster, sir?
I do not care for such overblown
titles, Mr. Hornblower.
Mr. Bowles, bring us up
to windward of them.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Man braces, stand by to luff up!
You're all right now lad,that's it.
There you go. Come on,then.
Captain Foster.
-Captain Pellew.
-Welcome aboard, sir.
I congratulate you on your
impeccable timing, sir.
An honour to be of service, as ever.
Forgive me if I forego the usual
pleasantries, Captain,
till I have discovered my limbs.
Of course.
Mr. Hornblower, have quarters
prepared for the captain

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- Eorin shinbu

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