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lI've just arrived. No, I'm staying in Moscow.
Things seams to have calmed down there a little.
Not today, I think. No, I've
promised to stay at home.
Is there anything you wanted?
Not now, I just can't
talk at the moment.
No, I've come to see cinematographists.
Oh, no, I'm not an actor. I've
written the screenplay. Ok, see you.
- Hi.
- Hello. Have a sit.
Are we going to make a movie?
Listen. This is a really great story.
Tell me. Is this a truth?
The truth is even scarier.
When did you meet them?
About..2 or 3 days before the war.
You want to go to South Osetia?
Yes. You'll get a report,
and I'll get a course paper.
South Osetia....it's Georgia, I think?
Yes. You have to get a georgian
visa and fly to Tbilisi.
Should I go there via Tbilisi?
If they find out that you're a reporter, they'll not give
you the visa. Better go to Vladikavkaz, and then to Tshinvali.
Just that simple? With foreign passport?
Don't you have a usual one? You
can go there with russian passport.
All citizens of the USA are recommended to
get 12 vaccinas before entering this area.
Where to do the injections?
Some of them
- to the shoulder, some....lower.
I'm not very fond of injections.
And how good do you stand dysentery?
- And how about vaccinations?
- What kind ofvaccinations?
Just don't drink from a puddle.
What currency do they use?
I think euro, everybody has it.
Even in Ukraine I think.
Georgia, Georgia...
No, some "lari"..
There's these "laris", yeah?
What's lari? Who needs them? With roubles
- no troubles.
What's the purpose of your visit?
Olimpius Inferno.
Do you speak georgian?
This is Latin. It's the name of the
butterfly, that I'm going to catch.
Excuse me. What are you
going to catch there?
I am an entomologist. I got
a grant from my university.
I'm going to collect butterflies
and to make a movie about them
Do your parents know about that trip?
Do i need a permit from them?
No, i'm just asking. You're
grown-up enough to do weird deeds.
are you going alone?
With old friend.
But look there are the such men in  the
Caucasus. I went there in Soviet times.
Maybe i should go with you.
No, it's not necessory.
You'll get your accreditation
in our corrpoint, in Vladikavkaz.
Well, have a good flight.
Thanks a lot.
Call the embassy in case of any
troubles They'll solve all your problems.
- Have a good trip.
- Thanks.
Guys ...
Say "cheeeeze", ready?
Good. Thanks.
Can i get a picture of you? Please.
Hmm, he seems to be normal guy...I
wish I knew why he needs butterflies.
Does he even speak Russian?
I think so. He spoke when i called him. He
was 13 years old when he left the Russia.
How long can i'm waiting for you?
Jenny ...
Did'nt you expect that i'd
be a woman when i grow up?
You know, i did not. I thought
you'd be big african-american guy.
Are we gonna kiss?
- Hi.
- Hi.
This is Viktor Andreevitch. He is
a colonel of peacemakers forces.
- Hello. I'm Michael.
- Nice to meet you.
- This is Akhsar. He is waiting for us.
- My pleasure.
I've called to your head office.
I was told, you are the best
There ia a one except, my friend.
I'm not very good in language.
Is this a war here?
Yeah. We've defended ourself against tank division in the morning.
Now we're waiting for them in the evening. Didn't you know?
They didn't tell me this
in the State Department.
The war was over 15 years ago.
- With whom?
- With georgians.
Yeah! Here they come.
Hello everebody!
- Take that vine as my gift.
- Thank you, Vakho.
Now evrebody live in peace
her. And we help with that.
How can anyone be friends with them. They
don't like a work and drink from every morning.
And you don't drink, do you?
- Are you going to Akhsar in the protected woodland?
- Yep.
I can drive you there
- I can be your guide for a small fee.
- Thanks.
Are you going to make a movie?
Science research!
I'm not gonna get


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