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Hey! Is anybody there?
Show your permission!
Of course. This village belongs to the castle
and he who stays here for night practically stays in the castle
and that's not allowed without presmission.
If those are the rules, I'll have to obtain permission.
From whom?
From the count. What else have I to do?
At midnight from the count?
What? Isn't that possible?
Why did you wake me up then?
I demand respect before count's civil servants!
I woke you up to inform you that you must leave
estates of the count at once.
And who would you be?
I'm Schwarzer. Son of castellan of the castle.
Son of the castellan himself?
Well then, mister Schwarzer,
I'm land surveyor summoned by the count to
perform respective tasks.
My asistents with instruments will arrive tomorrow.
My explanations are over with that.
Are you satisfied, gentlemen?
I'll settle this through phone.
Hallo! Registry?
Please, take my room. I'm the innkeeper and my room's the best.
Bring me better some sheets.
Schwarzer is reporting. I have found a man here.
Yes. Quite showy dressed.
He says he's the land surveyor
summoned by the count himself.
What did I say! [He] lied!
He's no land surveyor at all! Block the doors!
Schwarzer speaking.
That means mistake?
Mister Klamm himself?
What am I to tell mister land surveyor?
It's very unpleasant for me, mister land surveyor...
I'm asking you to forget this incident. Should you need something...
I have something better.
Hand me that case.
According to our rules special permission from the castle
is required to play new music.
Get on the phone then.
I'm sorry, but that must be written permission.
Should we bother the count because of such matters?
We must write a request to mister Erlanger.
I'll deliver it myself.
Now - to sleep.
I'm not acquainted with the count yet.
It is told he pays good money for work well done.
Mister shouldn't worry about that.
My assistants will arrive tomorrow.
Could you put them up here?
Sure. But aren't they going to live with you in the castle?
If we're going to work down here, it's handier to live here.
Who's that? The count?
No, that's the castellan.
It's a pity he has fool for a son.
That's how to tell...
Schwarzer exaggerated a little yesterday.
His father is just assistant of the castellan and
moreover one of the smallest.
What are you saying?
Must I wait long still?
Hello, mister schoolteacher.
"Land surveyor"
Are you going to the castle?
Yes, already since yesterday.
You don't like it here.
Tell me, is it your folder?
Be more careful otherwise nothing will work out for you.
Who opened the door?
That's the land surveyor.
What does he want?
You see...I was going to the castle and got a bit tired.
I decided to come in and warm myself...to rest...
Sit there!
Land surveyor!
I am Gerstacker, a friend of Mr. Brunsvick - a master of this house.
You can't stay here any longer.
Excuse us for inhospitability.
I didn't intend to stay.
Where, exactly, is the master himself, mister Brunsvick?
That's me.
Is that so?
I'm grateful to you
for hospitability.
Who are you?
Excuse us for inhospitability.
Sure, sure!
Hospitability is not a custom around here, we don't need any guests.
I understand. Why should you need guests?
Hello, guys! Where are you going so late?
To the ???
What for so suddenly?
Guys, wait up, I'm coming with you!
Take me with you, I've forgotten the way!
I'll drive you there.
Who were you? Gestekker?
Who is that woman?
Is she from the castle?
Who's that?
Who was that?
Who are you?
Your assistants.
Assistants. Here's Arthur, here's Jeremiah.
Oh, so...
It was you whom I ordered to come after me?
Where are the tools?
We don't have them.
Do you know how to perform land surveying?
Get out of here!
Here you go.
Don't talk to anybody without my permission.
I am a stranger


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