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Based on true events
Artem, you tell mom that Ill come to see her
in about two weeks.
Its Im just tied up now.
I am to go to Leningrad anyway.
Will have to attend to some things before lectures begin.
You look drowsy, huh?
Some troubles in the university?
No. Nothings happening there.
The usual squabble.
Ah, whatever...
So, how are things at home?
All in good health?
Ah, thank God, thank God
I see you believe in God now?
Oh look, there is your niece with her fianc.
Hey listen, hows your Slavka doing?
Havent seen him for long time.
Last time I came to see you,
he just left for some tourist camp.
Actually, it is Slavka who troubles me now.
You know, Misha, kids are different now,
I just dont understand him.
We did it all ourselves, by the sweat of our brows,
while he is just having it handed on a plate.
Everything is for him.
Yet he doesnt respect us.
Despises even.
I forced him in the university,
to save from ending up in Afghan.
And is he studying?
This is how hes studying!
Parties all day long.
Do you know this word?
Some underground concerts.
This damned rock
Every day I expect
a call from militia.
Here, look.
The recent photo of him.
Look at him
All my life Ive been doing whats right
and it turns out nobody needs it now.
And nobody needs me.
Though, Im not that old.
I feel somethings gone forever
and what is coming I dont understand.
After Andropov died
everyone started to fidget.
In our department,
In the department of scientific communism.
In the department of history.
Students too, obviously.
Hello, uncle Artem.
Oh, hi Lisa.
Havent seen you for ages.
The whole two months passed.
Yes.  Will you stay for long?
Oh no, Ill go soon.
Want to visit your grandma.
How is my brother Slavik?
Partying around.
This is Valery, my friend.
Valery Buadze.
Half Georgian,
but have never been to Georgia.
Kazakov Artem Nikolaevich, from Leningrad.
Okay then, well have some tea
in the kitchen
You know, I have to get up early,
and I still need to pack.
Is he really a fianc?
Oh come on, I was kidding.
But I think she likes him.
You know, he is a nice chap.
Not some dummy, I think.
Every year he enlists to work somewhere in the North
and returns with good money.
Look, I am a colonel, right?
The conscription officer. And he earns
three times as much as I do.
Just a punk, yet owns a car.
And not the kind you have.
So its not that simple, Artem.
He is not a student then?
And why is he not in the army?
Well, he is not local, actually.
He is staying at some old womans house.
Says, thats his grandmother
So, Im helping him here and there.
You know whats happening in Afghan now, dont you?
During this time to our shithole alone
26 caskets arrived.
Artem, 26!
Cargo 200 they call them.
And look whats going on throughout the country!
You be careful, Mikhail
Who is he, this uncle of yours?
Head of Scientific Atheism Department
in the Leningrad University.
He helped me to get in last year.
So, will we go to disco then?
I told you I wanted to have a good sleep.
I need to pack too
You said yourself, the earlier we leave,
the sooner we are there.
Look, well just come round.
Valera, no!
Well, whatever.
Youd better have a good sleep too, you are to drive.
It is a long way, and you say the road is bad.
Dont you worry for me.
Ive seen worse roads.
Thank you for helping Lisa.
Oh, come on, Lisa is a smart girl,
she could enter all by herself.
Where is it she is going to bright and early?
To Yara, her friend, a classmate,
has a dacha there.
So, they thought theyd go
to swim, to mushroom.
Its all right, they are nice kids.
They go just for a couple of days.
I can pick her up on my
way back to Leningrad.
Come on, she is not some mollycoddle.
She can take a bus.
All right then, Ill call you
when Im coming back from moms.
Thanks for the food,
it is such a problem here

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