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The year, 1462.
Constantinople had fallen.
Moslem Turks swept into Europe,
threatening all of Christendom.
From Transylvania arose
a Romanian knight.
On the eve of the battle,
his bride, Elizabetha, -
- knew that he must face
an insurmountable force -
- from which he might never return.
Elizabetha ...
The vengeful Turks
shot a message into the castle.
It told of Draculea's death.
Elizabetha, believing him dead,
flung herself into the river.
My prince is dead.
All is lost without him.
May God unite us in heaven.
I've done everything
you asked, Master.
All the preparations are in order.
I await your command, for I know -
- that when the rewards are given, -
- I will be one of those
who benefits from your generosity.
Thank you.
Renfield is deranged.
He's lost his mind, poor chap.
Take over his foreign client, -
- this eccentric Count Dracula.
He's buying up property in London.
Of course, sir.
Thank you for your confidence.
This is a great opportunity, Harker.
Leave for Transylvania immediately.
Opportunities such as this
come but once in a lifetime.
May I enquire, what happened
to Mr. Renfield in Transylvania?
Nothing ... Personal problems.
Close these transactions, and your
future with this firm is assured.
Yes, sir.
I will give it my full attention.
We've waited this long ...
- We can be married when I return.
- Of course.
- I will write.
- Jonathan ...
- Jonathan, I love you.
- I love you, Mina.
25th May, Budapest.
Left Budapest early this morning.
We're leaving the West ...
We're traveling to the far east
of the country.
To the border of Transylvania,
Moldavia and Bukovina -
- in the Carpathian mountains.
One of the wildest areas of Europe.
My friend,
welcome to the Carpathians.
I am anxiously expecting you.
At the Borgo Pass,
my carriage will await you.
I trust yourjourney from London
has been a happy one.
And I hope you will enjoy your stay
in my beautiful land.
Your friend ... D.
Diary, 25th May. My dear Jonathan
has been gone almost a week.
I wish we'd married
before his departure, -
- but I am happy he was sent
on this important mission.
It must be so nice
to see strange countries.
I wonder if Jonathan and I
shall ever see them together.
We're early, driver.
No one is here.
I say, is the castle far?
Welcome to my home.
Enter of your own will and leave
some of the happiness you bring.
- Count Dracula?
- I am Dracula.
And I bid you welcome, Mr. Harker,
to my house.
Come in.
You will, I trust, excuse me
that I do not join you.
I have already dined
and I never drink ...
... wine.
An ancestor?
I see a resemblance.
The order of the Dracul ...
... is a dragon.
An ancient society
pledging my forefathers -
- to defend the church
against all enemies of Christ.
That relationship
was not entirely ... successful.
Oh, yes ...
It is no laughing matter!
We Draculs have a right to be proud.
No devil was greater than Attila,
whose blood flows in these veins.
Blood ...
... is too precious a thing
in these times.
The warlike days are over.
The victories of my great race
are but a tale to be told.
I am the last of my kind.
I have offended you
with my ignorance. Forgive me.
I long to go through the crowded
streets of your mighty London.
To be in the midst of the whirl
and the rush of humanity.
To share its life, its changes ...
its death.
There. You, Count ...
... are the owner of Carfax Abbey.
Your firm writes most highly
of your talents.
They say
you are a man of good ... taste.
And that you are a worthy substitute
to your predecessor, Mr. Renfield.
You may rely on me.
I'm curious. Why ten houses
in such precise locations?
Is it to raise the market value?
Do you believe in destiny?
That even the powers of time -
- can be altered
for a single purpose?
The luckiest man on earth
is the one who finds ... true love.
You found Mina.
I thought she was lost.


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