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King of Denmark's drops
(or the Queen's)
are more potent than wine,
and sweeter than caramel.
more powerful than slander,
fear, or cholera.
King of Denmark's drops -
drink up, cavaliers!
The roar of cannon, the whistling of bullets,
the clatter of sabres . . .
...are drowned out easily
by the drops' clinking.
The sun, Maytime, the Arbat, love -
there's no career more elevated!
King of Denmark's drops -
drink up, cavaliers!
Strengthen your body,
take timely measures:
King of Denmark's drops:
drink up, cavaliers!
Lieutenant, sir!
Lieutenant, sir!
PFC of the 139th guards
regiment of the 2nd degree Kutuzov order
and of the 1st degree Great
Patriotic War Order,
and of the guards mortar batallion...
Make it short, Kolyshkin!
We're in the middle of a war here.
I finally got here, sir ...
You've "arrived from
the hospital."
You could have joined another unit.
Still can. I wouldn't mind.
I wanted to be with my old unit, sir.
What happened to your uniform?
It was a machine gun,
sir! I found the bullet.
Attention! About face!
- I knew I'd run into you!
- How's everything?
We're going to kick
some German ass soon.
Wow, you've picked up some German!
I had nothing else to do at the hospital.
- I mean, I took German in high school...
- Right. Well, so long.
My mom sent me some
cigarettes. I have no use for them.
- Thanks.
- Wait. I got more.
All right. So long.
- Just one tiny question.
- Go ahead.
Who is that?
Go. You don't want the Leuitenant
to lecture you again.
What are you doing here?
I'm just curious.
The Junkers mighty fly over
any moment...
They almost got us earlier.
You're here to see her, aren't you?
- What?
- I can tell.
That one? My cousin. She's with
the Signal Corps.
You had a different cousin
back in '43.
I've got a sister in Moscow.
A sister. Get it?
I get it. My regards to your cousin.
Lieutenant, sir!
They're waiting for you.
- Who?
- I don't know.
You're not supposed to salute while
under arms.
Do you miss the guardroom?
Guilty, sir.
Gilty folks get their asses kicked.
I'm fed-up with your nonsense!
If you think I'm going to put up
with it at the front, think again.
Lieutenant, sir...
Extra detail is good for
My friends are asleep. The rustle of
the sheets in the castle's bedchambers!
That's very charming.
Oh, I assure you ...
There's a special charm in
this all-man society.
One's completely at ease,
free from convention.
Pas des conventions,
la liberte complete.
With the window curtain fluttering
ever so slightly...
...and the horses grazing peacefully outside,
everyone expected a splendid morning ...
... full of brilliant duels and victories.
What's your problem?
What did you say?
What are you staring at?
Oh ... All right, then.
Your pardon, milady.
How on a wonderful August morning
of the year 1944 Zhenya Kolyshkin
had the honor to be introduced to
a no less wonderful girl
who later on turned out to be
Zhenechka Zemlyanikina.
What's the matter with you?
We're out of water.
Go to the radio girls,
they have a full tank.
"Stick your face in here
and I'll break it. Zemlyanikina."
Masha, is that tea ready yet?
We had this woman at the lumber
A guy put the moves on her.
She punched him with her fist.
He tried again, and she hit him with
a chair. She was just flirting.
- Isn't that about enough, Zakhar?
- Why is that enough, why?
You listen when I talk to you,
Deep down, women are human too.
They want respect.
If you treat her nicely, she'll
follow you anywhere.
You shouldn't have pawed her like that.
Zakhar, you're a wholesome,
harmonious person, and I am not. Alas!
Who do you call wholesome?
If we were at the lumber mill, I would see
who would be wholesome.
Major, sir! All ranks - retreat!
Lieutenant, sir!
- Press the pedal.
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