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Звёздный путь: Поколения

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How does it feel to be back
on the Enterprise bridge?
Captain Kirk,
can I ask you a few questions?
Did you participate
in the redesign?
We'd like to know
how you feel...
Excuse me. Excuse me.
There will be time
for questions later.
I'm Captain John Harriman, and
I'd like to welcome you all aboard.
It's our pleasure.
I want you to know
how excited we are
to have living legends with us
on our maiden voyage.
I was reading about your missions
when I was in grade school.
Oh, really?
- Well...may we have a look around?
- Please. Please.
- Demora.
- Excuse me, Captain.
This is the first Enterprise
in 30 years
without James T Kirk
in command. How do you feel?
Fine. I'm glad to send her
on her way.
What have you been doing
since you retired?
- Keeping busy.
- Just a few more questions, sir.
HARRIMAN: Let's give the captain
a chance to look around.
Captain. Excuse me.
I'd like you to meet
the helmsman
of the Enterprise-B. Demora.
Ensign Demora Sulu.
It's a pleasure
to meet you, sir.
My father's told me some
interesting stories about you.
- Your father is Hikaru Sulu?
- Yes, sir.
- You've met her before, but...
- It wasn't that long ago.
- Couldn't be more than...
- 12 years.
- 12 years?
- Absolutely.
Congratulations, Ensign.
It wouldn't be the Enterprise
- without a Sulu at the helm.
- Thank you, sir.
I'm sure Hikaru must be
very proud of you.
I hope so.
- I was never that young.
- No...
You were younger.
- Damn fine ship, if you ask me.
- Scotty, it absolutely amazes me.
What would that be, sir?
Sulu. When did he
find time for a family?
Like you always say, if something's
important, you make the time.
Oh, so that's why
you seem so restless.
Finding retirement
a little lonely, are we?
You know, I'm glad
you're an engineer.
With tact like that,
you'd make a lousy psychiatrist.
Excuse me, gentlemen,
if you'll take your seats...
Yes, of course.
Prepare to leave spacedock.
Aft thrusters ahead 1/4, port
and starboard at station keeping.
- Captain Kirk.
- Yes?
I'd be honoured if you'd give
the order to get under way.
Oh, thank you very much. I...
- Please, sir.
- No, no, no.
Please. I insist.
Take us out.
- Very good, sir.
- Brought a tear to me eye.
Oh, be quiet.
Gentlemen, now that you've
seen the rest of the ship,
how does it feel to be back?
ALL: Fine.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we've cleared the asteroid belt.
Our course will take us beyond
Pluto and back to spacedock.
Just a quick
run around the block.
will there be any tests
on the warp drive system?
We're picking up
a distress call, Captain.
On speakers.
'This is the transport ship Lakul.
'We're caught in
an energy distortion.
'Two ships are trapped in a
severe gravimetric distortion.
'We can't break free.
We need help.
'It's tearing us apart.
This is the trans...'
The Lakul is transporting
El Aurian refugees to Earth.
Ensign Sulu, can you locate them?
The ships are bearing
at 310 mark 215.
Distance...3 light-years.
Signal the closest starship.
We cannot mount a rescue.
- We don't have a full crew aboard.
- We're the only one in range, sir.
Well, then...
I guess it's up to us.
Helm, lay in an intercept course
and engage at maximum warp.
DEMORA: Aye, sir.
Captain, is there something wrong
with your chair?
We're within visual range of
the energy distortion, Captain.
On screen.
CHEKOV: What the hell is that?
I've located the transport ships.
Their hulls are starting to buckle
under the stress.
They won't survive much longer.
We're encountering
severe gravimetric distortions
from the energy ribbon, Captain.
We'll have to keep our distance.
We don't want to get pulled in.
- Tractor beam.
- Hm?
- Tractor beam.
- We don't have one.
You left spacedock
without a tractor beam?
It won't be installed
until Tuesday.
Ensign Sulu...
Try generating a subspace field
around the
Звёздный путь: Поколения

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