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Короткие встречи

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dear comrades!
Dear, dear comrades!
To wash the dishes
or to leave them?
wash them or not to wash them,
this is the question!
It's always so
first one thing, then another.
Why do you complain?
You always complain.
I did not say a word to anyone
I speak alone.
Can I complain to myself?
I don't wash the dishes.
You will get angry with me, true?
Angry also, I don't care.
I don't care!
- Hello.
- Stepans Stepanovich, here.
I cannot hold that conference.
How come?
I am not experienced in agriculture,
I don't understand anything.
- Gives the job to somebody else.
- Who says?
Who better than you
can excite people?
And Serghej is on vacation
and Marchenko is sick.
Marchenko is always busy,
its within his competence,
I am already very busy
with the town economy.
- You could be useful.
- And how?
On the 22nd I have a regional conference,
I have to go there.
 - What conference?
- On the water supply.
- There you go.
- How? Thinking before you speak.
I always try to do so.
Why not take her to the conference?
- I have some appointments.
- Which?
Valentina Ivanovna,
in two years
she will take my place.
Then I will be able to inform
her about my commitments
and she can tell me to deal with
one thing instead of another.
The wait is becoming
too long, good night.
"Dear comrades!
All of us know that...
All of us know that
the development of agriculture...
Dear comrades!
Dear, dear...
Sleep, leave me alone!
I am still me.
- I was in bed.
- Me too.
We postponed the conference.
No, it's too important.
We don't want to speak
agriculture, we must act.
- When were you telephoned?
- Yesterday.
This is not the war, it is not
necessary to call at night.
Excuse me.
Maja Jefimovna sent you, right?
I thought they'd send someone older
- What's your name?
- Nadezhda, Nadja.
There is nothing
special to be done,
to rearrange the rooms,
to wash the dishes.
I usually eat at the table,
except when it arrives...
At the moment I live alone.
- Do you come from the country?
- Yes.
How many years of school have you done?
- And what do you think now?
- Of what?
Do you think you will keep on studying?
You can enrol
in night school, what do you think?
Take off the coat
and also the shawl.
Do you agree with night school?
Why laugh?
Have I offended you?
- The maids a houseservant or not?
- Certainly.
Give me the suitcase.
Where do you want to go at night, alone?
Even if you don't want to be a houseservant,
you can still stay here.
You can work in the factory,
if you don't like work here.
You can sleep on the couch.
Do you need to eat something?
You can also cook for me.
I broke the dishes,
the cups are all different...
Taste the biscuits,
Here is the sugar.
The biscuits are a little dry,
but very good.
My husband bought them
on his last trip.
When he brings something,
it's always in enormous quantity.
- Have I offended you?
- No.
Then what is it?
I want to go home.
- You have not been here long?
- No, it is that there is snow.
- It is also us...
- But we are so beautiful!
- Even with us here.
- Here is beautiful.
- What is there?
- So much that I return home.
You are only tired.
You go to sleep,
I have already made the bed.
Yes, I'll go now.
You don't have the money for the ticket?
Yes, I have a lot of money.
- Enough?
- Yes.
Where I lived before,
I had everything paid.
- Well?
- What?
Anchovies, canned fish...
- Do you live here like this?
- How?
- This way.
- How "so?"
I also must work !
- And would this be a job?
- Why?
I earn as the others, 70 a month.
They are those with no money at all,
eh, Buran?
You can also get to 150.
Короткие встречи

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