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Берегись автомобиля

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The spectator likes detective stories.
It's pleasant to watch a film
knowing beforehand how it will end.
And it's also flattering to think
that you are smarter than the author.
The Muscovites affirm
that this extraordinary story
happened in Moscow.
Inhabitants of Odessa insist
that it took place in their city.
Leningrad and Rostov-on-the-Don
don't quite agree with that.
Seven cities contest it just like
Seven cities call themselves
Homer's homeland.
We have to admit that it is unknown
where this story happened
And whether it ever happened at all.
So, as you might have noticed,
it was dark night.
The stranger did his best
to pass unnoticed
And he managed to do so.
It was so dark, quiet and deserted here
That involuntarily one would want
to commit a crime.
- Contact post number 2-06/B
- Yes, sir!
- Block up all the roads.
- Yes, sir!
Bring me the photos at once.
- The prints of the tread.
- Yes, sir!
Tanya! You find out about
the fingerprints.
So this is a third car stolen
in this district.
It is performed by the hands of the same
person, experienced and skilled!
Those hands are wearing cotton gloves
made in factory number 8.
Then it can't be Fed'ka the Golden tooth.
And what about the oil
which the criminal uses to lubricate
the bolts of the garage?
It turned out to be refined.
Have you noticed that in the
courtyard where the crime took place
and along the opposite street
there are a lot of “garageless” cars
left overnight?
And it's much easier to steal a car
left in the street than from inside a garage.
You got it absolutely right.
If we apply Stanislavsky's study
of a super mission to this case,
an interesting thought arises:
the criminal follows the line
of most resistance. But why?
When we reveal his super mission,
we will catch the criminal.
It's brilliant!
Inspector, I forgot to mention
one little thing,
- ... It may help.
- I'm listening, thieved.
There was a swear-word scratched
on my bumper by a metal nail ...
Wait a second ....which?
Hello, Lyuba. I am back.
Comrades! Get in the vehicle quicker.
Don't stop in the back aisle.
Yuriy Ivanovoch, we get on the trolleybus
through the other door.
I'm coming.
- Hello, Yakov Mikhailovich.
- Hello, Detochkin.
- How is your uncle from Dushanbe doing?
- My uncle? He's bad.
Last time it was an aunty from Moldovia....
My cousin!
- No, but you said...
- She passed away.
Oh yes, we are all mortal, Detochkin,
we are all mortal...
And if people didn't die,
We wouldn't be able to sell life
You can't deny that I'm being
sympathetic towards you, Detochkin.
Every time one of your relatives
becomes ill or dies,
I offer you an unpaid leave.
You are an exceptionally
sensitive manager.
That's right, Detochkin, but you've
got too many relatives....
And I've got too few staff.
You have to understand that your absences
ruin our plan.
I will catch up!
Try to understand that I can't
put your family interests above
social ones.
-I will...will catch up with it!
-All right, then go catch up.
Yesterday I was pulled over by a miliceman.
The letter of attorney is invalid.
You have to stop at a notary's office
and certify it.
- Sign here, please.
- Dima, signature!
To tell you the truth, I am not very sure
why I should insure my property.
What if there is a fire!
It's a shame if such property
will burn without compensation.
Maybe we should insure our car?
Oh! You bought a car?
A car can be insured against death
or accidents caused by collision
or natural disasters.
- How about against hijacking?
- No, not against hijacking.
I am not so rich
to pay for natural disasters.
- Where do you keep it?
- Come over here.
Beige...not a bright colour...
Haven't you got a garage?
Not yet.
I am soliciting,
but it's a difficult task.
I was promised a spot... but
no garage for the moment.
Despite that, I've already found a lock...
a Japanese one. Impossible to find a
Берегись автомобиля

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