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All prisoners,
all prisoners,
report to Level B... now.
The taking of a life...
...is no minor matter.
Nor do we do it lightly.
This man has killed.
And he will be killed.
He will be taken down,
his head will be shaved.
He will be given confession...
...if he wishes it.
And then,
we will test the apparatus.
The lights will dim.
Once... twice...
the third time, his soul
will be in that new place.
And l leave it to you
to conjecture where
that new place will be.
l have no doubt but that
your thoughts will be troubled.
Keep them to yourselves.
l want no demonstrations.
l want no comments.
Take him down.
So long, guys.
So long, Bobby.
No talking.
What are you gonna do to him,
take away his commissary,
you son of a bitch?
Jim, keep it down, Jim.
Son of a bitch.
l can't believe it.
Can you believe it?
Can you believe it, Neddy?
l can believe most anything.
My problem is,
l just don't care.
Taking Bobby to the bakery.
Sometimes it works that way.
The guy's going to die
and that's it?
What's your question?
That that's the end of it?
That he goes in that room...
That he goes in that room,
and they light him up,
and that's the end of it.
There's no eternal life
for his soul,
and the cruelty of the world?
ls that the thing?
ls that your problem
this fine evening?
Why don't you talk
to the chaplain?
l'm talking to you.
l'm busy.
l've got my mind
on higher things.
l feel bad, Ned.
Well, do your own time.
You two,
put these on.
What is this?
Tell me what it is.
Shut up!
Keep walking!
Life's a hellhole, pally.
You two were talking, hmm?
Answer me.
You two were talking
during my speech.
Uh... l...
You swine.
You little swine.
Hold him down.
You want order?
l'll give you order.
l'll give you order.
You want a lesson?
ls that what you want?
ls that what you want?
You want... you want a lesson?
l'll give you a lesson.
l'll give you a lesson.
ls that what you want?
They're ready, sir.
Keep them here.
We'll beat the other one later.
Yes, sir.
lt's all right.
lt's all right, Jim.
l'm in bad shape, Ned.
''The Lord shall judge his people
and repent himself
''for his servants when he seeth
the power is gone.
''There is none shut off or left
''who shall say,
'Where are their gods?
'''Their rock in whom
they trusted.'''
Nobody move!
Get back.
Get down.
Don't do this, my son.
Open that door.
l'm going to count to three.
Go on, open it!
Get in there!
Here, put these on.
Come on!
What do we do now?
Tell them you have
a man for the morgue.
Man for the morgue!
Man for the morgue.
Where's your pass?
Come on!
l'm not sure this
is such a good idea.
Nobody's asking you, Ned.
Bob, they catch us now,
they'll kill us.
Welcome aboard.
Come on!
Come on!
Are we going,
or are we dying?
Come on.
Go on!
All right, let's go.
Look, Bob...
Get out!
Ever hear the phrase,
''nothing to lose''?
Get after them!
My God, you goddamn fools!
Wake up, Jimmy, wake up.
Rip it off, rip the number off.
l'm cold.
Yeah, l'm cold, too.
Come on, walk it out.
l'm cold.
l'm cold.
What happened to Bobby?
You think... you think
they got him, Neddy?
Look at this.
''Do not neglect to show
hospitality to strangers,
''for thereby some have
entertained angels, unawares.
Hebrews 13:1 .''
Very touching.
Wait a second.
Who the hell are ya?
Do not neglect to show
hospitality to strangers,
for thereby, some have
entertained angels, unawares.
Hebrews 13:1 .
What are you? Priests?
Yeah. That's right,
we're priests.
You put her down,
l'll give you a ride.
lnto the town, across the bridge
and we're free.
l'm sure
they're looking for you.
l'm sure they're
looking for you.
Who's looking for us?
The monastery,
your fellow priests.
Yeah, sure they're
looking for us.
What are you,
missing morning prayers?
Yeah, we're missing
the whole program.
What do you

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