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Don't grieve, Admiral.
It is logical.
The needs of the many outweigh...
..the needs of the few.
Or the one.
I have been and always
shall be your friend.
Live long and prosper.
We are assembled here today to pay
final respects to our honoured dead.
This death takes place
in the shadow of new life,
the sunrise of a new world.
A world that our beloved comrade
gave his life to protect.
He did not feel this sacrifice
a vain or empty one.
Of my friend, I can only say this:
of all the souls I have encountered
in my travels,
his was the most...
Honours. Hup!
Space, the final frontier.
These are the continuing voyages
of the Starship Enterprise.
Her ongoing mission
to explore strange new worlds.
To seek out new lifeforms
and new civilisations.
To boldly go...
..where no man has gone before.
USS Enterprise,
Captain's Personal Log.
With most of our battle damage
repaired, we're almost home.
Yet I feel uneasy.
And I wonder why.
Perhaps it is the emptiness
of this vessel.
Most of our trainee crew
has been reassigned.
Lieutenant Saavik
and my son David
are exploring the Genesis planet,
which he helped create.
And Enterprise feels like a house
with all the children gone.
No, more empty even than that.
The death of Spock
is like an open wound.
It seems that I've left the noblest
part of myself back there...
..on that newborn planet.
- Status, Mr Sulu.
- On course, Admiral.
Estimating space dock in 2.1 hours.
Very well. Mr Chekov,
I'll need a pre-approach scan.
- Take the science station, please.
- Yes, sir.
Uhura... Any response from Starfleet
on our Project Genesis enquiries?
- No, sir, there is no response.
- That's very odd.
- Scotty, progress report.
- It's almost done, sir.
You'll be fully automated
by the time we dock.
Excellent timing. You fixed the barn
door after the horse has come home.
How much refit time
till we can take her out again?
Eight weeks, sir. But you don't have
eight weeks, so I'll do it in two.
Have you always multiplied your
repair estimates by a factor of four?
Certainly, sir. How else can I keep
my reputation as a miracle worker?
Your reputation is secure, Scotty.
Mr Sulu, take the Con.
I'll be in my quarters.
Are they planning a ceremony
when we get in?
- I mean, a reception?
- Would you like a hero's welcome?
Well, God knows there should be.
This time we've paid for the party
with our dearest blood.
Steady. Steady, boys.
Keep scanning.
I thought you people were reliable.
Where the hell is he?
He's been here for some time.
Put me on hailing frequency.
Commander Kruge...
This is Valkris.
I have purchased the Genesis data.
Ready to transmit.
Well done, Valkris.
What the hell is...
Disengage cloaking device!
Transmit data. Now!
Transmission completed.
You will find it useful.
Then you have seen it?
I have, my Lord.
What the hell's going on?
When do I get paid off?
Soon, Captain. Quite soon.
Success, my Lord...and my love.
You will be remembered with honour.
New course. Federation neutral zone.
Feed him!
Yes, my Lord.
Approach Control, this is Enterprise,
ready for docking manoeuvre.
- Enterprise is cleared to dock.
- Lock on.
Systems locked.
- Spacedock, you have control.
- Affirmative, Enterprise.
- Enjoy the ride, and welcome home.
- Enterprise confirms.
Acknowledge, doors closed.
Would you look at that!
My friends, the great experiment.
The Excelsior. Ready for trial runs.
She's supposed to have
transwarp drive.
And if my grandmother had wheels,
she'd be a wagon.
Young minds, fresh ideas.
Be tolerant, Mr Scott.
Standby umbilical
and gravitational support systems.
Aye, sir, moorings activated,
all systems standing by.
- Admiral. This is not possible.
- Mr Chekov.
An energy reading from 'C' deck,
from inside Mr Spock's quarters.
- I ordered Spock's quarters sealed.
- I sealed the room myself!
Nevertheless, I am

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