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Carl's Jr. has this $6 burger,
which really only costs $3.95...
...so you think
you're getting some deal...
...but the truth is, it may be
the best franchise burger out there.
l went there yesterday
and ordered three.
By golly, those suckers
almost filled me up.
When l got home,
l still had to have a box of Eggos...
...but that doesn't take away
from Carl's achievement.
l mean, here's a guy who's got
to go through life as Carl Junior, right?
Like he can never get out of the shadow
of his dad, the original Carl, l guess.
Do you think this eating has to do
with thinking you killed your mother?
That you're eating yourself
to death as punishment?
-You do think you killed her, right?
-l never said that.
She called out to you
from that big, fancy oak bed.
-She said she was having chest pain.
-l never told you any of that.
-How could you know this?
-She begged you to dial 91 1 .
But she was always calling out
for you, wasn't she, Barry?
You weren't there. How could
you know what happened? How?
Doesn't matter. What matters is,
you've got to stop blaming yourself.
lf you don't, you'll eat yourself
into an early grave for no reason.
You're looking in my head.
Stop it.
-Don't look in there.
-You don't have to do it, Barry.
Leave me alone.
lt wasn't your fault.
Hey, how are you doing, Henry?
What's that you say?
Are you going deaf?
How are you doing?
You know. SSDD.
Well, yeah, of course.
Hey, you know, l was thinking if you were
free this weekend we might go see Duddits.
Yeah, absolutely.
He's been on my mind a lot too.
lt's been a long time.
lt's open.
l gotta go. l got a thing here.
l'll see you Saturday.
Yeah, right.
See you Saturday.
So, Mr. Defuniak...
...do you know we're both
escapees from Maine?
You're from Pittsfield.
Do you know what happens to scholarship
students caught cheating on exams?
You had the flu that day, didn't you, David?
You didn't take the exam?
You missed the test. And since you were ill,
why not write me an essay instead?
3000 words on the short-term results
of the Norman Conquest.
-Go get started.
-Yes, sir.
Better to be from Pittsfield
than go back to it.
Thank you, sir.
How did you know?
You weren't even there that day.
Sometimes l just know.
This probably won't work.
Never start that way with a car salesman.
We love challenges. Pete Moore.
ln one hour l'm showing a house in
Fryeburg. lt's a big commission.
And l just lost my damn car keys.
Could you possibly make me duplicates?
-That takes at least a day.
-Oh, boy, l just knew it.
Easy, Trish. Maybe l can help.
l'm always good at finding things.
-Did l tell you my name? l don't remember--
-l guessed.
Now, let's find those keys.
-Hey, Rachel.
-Hey, Pete.
-Miss, l looked again. l couldn't find them.
-Okay. l need your help.
You had the coffee in your hand,
bought aspirin...
...went to your car,
realized the keys were gone.
-That everything?
Look. This is gonna seem weird,
but it's just a thing l do to help me think.
You bought a candy bar
before the aspirin.
Mars bar.
Yours, right?
One more question. lf l find your keys,
will you let me buy you dinner?
West Wharf? 6:30?
Best fried clams in the state?
lt's right on your way back.
Sure. Okay.
-That'd be nice.
-All right.
So you got here.
You opened your purse.
Coffee, candy and aspirin,
you're juggling it all around.
And that's when...
...you dropped your keys.
lt's just luck, is all.
Thank you.
-West Wharf, right? Half past six?
-You got it.
Another fuckarow.
-How are you doing?
-Hey, Beaver. Same shit, different day.
-Same shit, different day.
-Wanna talk?
-No, you're trying to get home.
-What's up?
-Really, l got nothing. Go home.
-Wait, Jonesy?
-Yeah, Beav?
-You be careful.
-Be careful of what?
Wish l knew.

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