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We're going to
have a good time.
& Oh, yeah &
& Yeah, yeah, yeah &
& Oh, yeah &
Ignition sequence.
Power transfer is complete.
I didn't watch Star Trek,
the original series,
in the first season
before I was on.
I mean, I took one look
at the styrofoam rocks,
and I said, "Forget it.
I'm not going to watch this."
Tlhingan hol dajatlh'a'?
It means, "Can you
speak Klingon?"
You have to give
the right answer.
Otherwise, there's
dire consequences.
I dance at powwows, and I'm into
the lndian way of life and things,
and I'm also a Trekker.
It's the greatest feeling
in the world,
and I do it about 30 to 35
to 40 times a year.
To walk out onstage
and to feel that love
that just pours
right out at you,
and it's just fans.
Kirk lmpersonator:
I've been a fan.
I grew up with it,
so I couldn't help but be a fan.
This is the Andorian
ambassador Edvaark,
and I am guard number 48,
and this is guard number 28.
That's right.
You have to understand
that, um...
even now, I still have--
I still have an ongoing process
of trying to grasp all of this,
even now.
The name's Douglas Marcks.
I live in Portland.
I've been a fan of Star Trek
for a number of years.
I mean, I actually started
watching it back in the sixties.
You know, I've been in this
for 7 years now,
and it's starting
to become normal.
In 1987, I auditioned for a show called
Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Now, I must admit that I went to
this audition with some hesitation.
I mean, after all, it was a rehash
of a cult-status sci-fi series,
and it had a profound effect
on the original cast members' careers.
But since I was unknown,
and unclear as to where
any of this was headed,
I went.
What I didn't know was that
I was becoming part of something
much larger than
just a new TV series.
I was becoming
part of a phenomenon.
My name is John Paladin.
The Klingon name is Kirg.
I'm Harminder Pal
from Glasgow, Scotland.
My name is, um,
is...Who am l?
You're a lieutenant
I'm Lieutenant Commander Horatio,
and, um,
from the starship
Battle Queen.
My name's David Silverman.
I'm from central New Jersey.
- Canton, Ohio.
- San Diego.
- Virginia.
- Melbourne, Australia.
- Biloxi, Mississippi.
- Berlin, Germany.
I have fans that write me
from Germany, from ltaly,
from Australia,
from England.
I've been to conventions
in all those places.
How many conventions
have you been to?
Probably close to 50 or 60.
Yeah. I mean, like I said,
you got to have
something to do.
This is my third convention.
We've been to probably
20 or 30 or more.
I lost count, you know?
I've been doing this
since 1969,
so it's, uh,
I almost hate to admit
this is my 366th convention
this weekend.
I have attended, over the course
of about 8 years,
28 conventions.
I'm going to be spending
this day in preparation
to go the Pasadena
Star Trek/ Babylon 5 convention.
I'm going right now
to pick up my new, tailor-made
Star Trek: First Contact uniform
to wear tomorrow.
Hey, Travis.
Hey, Gabriel. How you doing?
Come on in.
Uh, so Linda dropped it off?
Yes, she did.
This is the uniform
to be featured
in Star Trek: First Contact.
Linda Thuringer, our club's
captain and Garak impersonator,
really outdid herself here, except
I do have a couple of minor quibbles,
Iike the red stripe here.
In the actual movie, it's going to be
about half this thickness,
but she can change that easily.
And the lines running across here are
more prominent in the actual versions,
but then again, she can just
do some topstitching there.
She wanted to take the legs
down a bit. I don't see why.
But overall, fantastic.
This is going to be
your car, Gabriel?
I hope so,
because I'm 14.
I'll be 15 in June.
Another year after that,
I'll be getting my license.
It's the Roddenberry.
I wish it could fly.
I'm ready to go to another planet.
I'll tell

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