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based on the novel "Main Afternoon"
by Alexander Mirer
Part 1
Take it.
Stop pushing me.
Do you know what kind of haircut
I like the best?
I'm sorry. Go now, go.
-Go, go, go, go.
Go, go.
I can't give you a ride.
Please, I'm begging you.
At least take us to the crossroads.
She's been up since 4 am.
Dasha, wait a moment please.
Do you hear anything?
Some kind of sound.
Some kind of nonsense.
Maybe you'll take us?
I can't.
The landscape
is beautiful
I am Triangle # 2.
I'm gonna go ahead.
Catch up with me.
Could you open it, please.
Let me do it.
Can't you do it yourself?
It's cold.
What's wrong with her?
What did she say?
I don't know.
What's wrong?
Come on, say something.
What happened?
It's nothing.  It happened
to me once before.
It's him.
If we get involved
they'll blame it on us.
We can't help him anyway.
Anything else?
It's up to you, but I'm leaving.
What for?
Until they come and
take my bike away?
I got no license plates.
My brother will kill me.
That's not what I mean.
Take Nastya home.
Call the ambulance and the cops.
Maybe I'll stay with you?
I'll be quick, Sergei.
Hello, my beautiful.
How are you?
So long.
Uncle Seryezha
Your music is too loud.
Remember Dasha,
if it is music, it has to be loud.
Dasha let's go!
Thank you.
You can move it.
Are you comfortable?
Could you put it there?
What's there? I can't see it.
You'll have to look outside.
Stick your head out if you want
to see what's going on.
Do you see how it's moving?
And now close it.
If your head is now like this...
And what are we gonna do then?
Why did you take it?
Why did you take it away from me?
-Watch your hands, i'm closing the door.
I'm Angle # 1.
I'm Angle # 1.
I'm Angle # 1.
I'm Angle # 1.
I don't understand anything.
Bread is still warm.
It's creepy.
do you have a towing cable?
I have everything.
Help us to tow him.
What is it?
I don't know.
First there was  a voice.
Then everything fell silent.
It's probably a radio.
OK, we'll figure it out.
Go wash yourself.
You are all dirty.
Why not help?
It's a beautiful landscape.
You're into black humor.
I'll do it myself.
I see that the bread truck is here.
The thing is over there down the road...
God saved us.
You know,
we asked him for the ride.
Me and my daughter.
It's OK.
Calm down.
You are my sun.
Call the hospital
305 is listening.
This is ambulance 17. Answer us.
Center is listening.
We need blood. Type A positive.
Thanks for the information.
Don't mention it.
What's with him?
Liver trauma.
I wonder if he'll make it.
Are you going with them?
what's in your truck?
You know what's in it.
Open it up!
Anything else?
Stay where you are!
Hands up!
Put your hands behind your head!
Walk straight
facing the truck.
How are you, Igor?
Stop there.
Stay there, I said.
Don't point it to my head, you moron.
Don't twitch.
The landscape
is beautiful
I am Angle #1.
Help him.
Our actions are as usual.
We isolate this region.
We take over a post office,
telephone, telegraph, bus depot.
Then we'll send a signal.
Your carrier...
Does he have any information
about a telescope?
My carrier doesn't have any information
about a telescope.
We need an engineer
that works with a telescope.
He just passed here.
License plates?
His name is Zamyatin.
He was with a woman.
What about Ogarkov?
He said he doesn't operate on corpses.
Doctor, calm down,
his blood pressure is normal.
I measured twice. It's normal.
You can close it.
-Normal pressure with such a blood loss?
-See for yourself.
Why are they howling so?
He seems to have another life to spare.
How many dogs are in this town?
is beautiful
Are you here to see me?
Have a

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