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Заклятие долины Змей

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Indochina 1954
Stay away from me, you slant-eyed apes!
Curse of Snakes Valley
Boss! Look, it's him.
You know, this Pole who's been
dropping by here for a couple of months.
It says he's a famous scholar. He discovered
some famous manuscripts in Sorbona.
This guy?
- Yes.
Hope you don't mind if I buy you
a glass of cognac, professor.
How do you know I'm a professor?
I recognized you immediately on the cover.
You know, I don't drink, but, well...
And here are some examples
prooving my hypothesis is true.
The Chinese origns of temple writing.
You can see this incredible ornamental design...
and special shading of the characters...
...it was possible thanks to an advanced...
It was possible thanks to high quality paper...
...on which this late 13th century
manuscript was painted.
This picture from the 15th century depicts
a monk who's painting hieroglyphs...
What's this?
How did it get here?
Turn on the light!
Where did you get this from?
- I don't know!
Where did you get this from?
- It was laying among your photographs.
Whose this?
I'm asking you where did you get this from?
The lecture is over. See you next week.
I put it there.
Where did you get this from?
I've been waiting for you for 30 years.
For me? Why?
Cause you're the only scholar who believes
in existence of Prakravanit culture
and who knows Prakravanit language.
Have you got it?
Where is it?
Here's the original.
Where did you get this manuscrypt from?
It's been completely unknown!
It's a loot....
From Indochina.
I'm sure.
It's a classical example of Krumvanit language...
...from an ancient culture of Prakravanit.
This language has been used by the secret monks
who guarded the sacred relics.
I've been called a psycho
who believes in myths.
And now this priceless manuscrypt...
...it confirms my theory.
You must inteprete it.
- Sure...
...but I need some time.
I must examine it in the laboratory
to find out the date of it's origin.
Please visit me in the laboratory...
- Of course, professor.
But I want to keep this manuscript.
Deng will show you the door.
Excuse me... For how long have you
been working for Bernard Traven?
Professor! Don't waste your time
asking questions.
He's had his tongue cut out.
It looks like there's another
manuscript inside of this one.
We need to take it out.
It won't be easy.
We'd have to cut it.
It's a very precious piece of art.
It's you who has to decide what to do.
I already took the decision.
Here's a highly complicated appliance.
I constructed it myself.
Can you smell it?
It's a very strong smell.
It's very strange indeed...
...this smell.
This smell...
That's how jungle smells.
It's fear...
It's a smell of fear!
Water in the jungle evaporates.
Can you interpret it, professor?
It's definitely in the same style
like the outer manuscript.
Similar characters.
...and DOK have similar accents.
What happened to the lighning?
I need to inform the porter.
It's working now!
- Thanks, Paul!
Watch out, professor!
If you by any chance remember something
please call me.
I still can't believe it!
Poisonous snakes, here in Paris!
- Goodbye.
Do you want me to pick you up, professor?
- No, thank you.
You're a hell of a driver!
- I know. And who are you?
Inspektor Borzho.
Christine Zhober, "Francoise".
What happened here?
How do you know we've got
a little problem here?
I don't want to reveal my sources.
You've got a dead man here.
How did he die?
While fixing the cords.
He fell off the ladder.
Good bye now.
Please give me the film.
You won't publish those photos anyway.
Good afternoon, professor.
I've been waiting for you.
I'm sorry. I don't meet students in private.
But I'm not a student!
Christine Zhober, "Francoise".
What happened at the University?
I've got nothing to say about it.
- You were a witness and
Заклятие долины Змей

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